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Call 407-218-5862 or visit our water damage repair service page at http://www.damagecontrol-911.com/ and contact us immediately if you suspect water intrusion in your home or business.

With over 12 years of experience, Damage Control 911 has water damage repair experts and the knowledge to find any dangers in your home related to water damage. Our water damage repair procedures are second to none and the accuracy and effectiveness is incredible, giving you the peoce of mind you deserve from your professional water damage repair company.

Damage Control 911
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Failed “Beaver” baseboard water leak found at a New Brighton, MN Home Inspection

Upon arrival at this inspection, water was found pooling under the vinyl floor tile and leaking past other areas of the hollow baseboard. Have aggressive landscaping done at the front of the home (gutters were already present) to drain water away from the foundation. If this does not correct the water intrusion, a drain tile and sump pump system may be necessary (this would be a major project due to the mostly finished basement).

The high-level visit to Ninh Thuan of MARD, Embassy of Japan and UNICEF

The Video describes MARD-Embassy of Japan-UNICEF high-level visit to Ninh Thuan and first Child-Centered Disaster Risk Reduction Conference in Viet Nam during drought & salt water intrusion situation, its impacts on children and joint responses of GoV, GoJ and UNICEF built in Disaster Risk Reduction for long term sustainability.

Chuyến giám sát thực địa của đoàn công tác cấp cao Bộ NNPTNT, Đại sứ Quán Nhật Bản, UNICEF tại Ninh Thuận và tham dự hội nghị đầu tiên về Giảm nhẹ rủi ro thiên tai lấy trẻ em làm trung tâm. Đoạn phim mô tả tình trạng hạn hán và xâm nhập mặn, ảnh hưởng của nó đối với trẻ em và sự phối hợp cứu trợ khẩn cấp của Chính phủ Việt Nam, Chính phủ Nhật Bản và UNICEF mà trong đó có lồng ghép hợp phần giảm nhẹ rủi ro thiên tai lấy trẻ em làm trung tâm để đảm bảo tính bền vững.

Best Water And Flood Damage Restoration Company In Your Area – Fire And Water Damage Restoration

Best Water And Flood Damage Restoration Company In Your Area – Fire And Water Damage Restoration Call Us Today @ 844-293-8105 or Visit – https://homerestoration.site/

With our state of the art water extraction equipment and skilled technicians our Roto-Rooter Water Restoration service will fix clean and dry your water intrusion problem.

Our IICRC Certified crews are there to make sure the water extraction process is done in a quick safe and professional manner. No matter if due to plumbing or natural disasters our Roto-Rooter water restoration expert will work with you and your insurance company to expedite your claim and provide the necessary details throughout the extraction process.

Whether a room basement or crawl space Roto-Rooter will work efficiently to completely repair your water damage no matter date or time. We will remove any contaminated items dry and filter the air as well as control the spread of air born mold and other harmful agents.

Best Water And Flood Damage Restoration Company In Your Area – Call Us Now – 844-293-8105 or visit – https://homerestoration.site/


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Soft-washing damaged synthetic stucco

The Spray Wash Crew takes on a damaged stucco and brick Verizon Cellular Sales location. This stucco has been damaged by water intrusion and deferred maintenance over the years and High Pressure washing would further damage the synthetic stucco, leading to water intrusion, possible mold, and mildew and a host of other issues. Remember, when you have softwashing and pressure washing needs in North Florida call Spray Wash Exterior Cleaning at 850-320-6364 or visit us on line at http://www.spray-wash.com. We are your comercial clenaing specialists!