2014-09-22 @ 3:34 PM #00020 Judy Logan refuses to allow second inspection

On September 22, 2014, at about 3:34 PM Judy Logan, speaking as a member of Cornell Meadows Board of Directors, tells two licensed and certified building inspectors that “we don’t want a second opinion”. Logan refuses to allow a second inspection by certified and licensed Oregon state building inspectors. At least three separate certified and licensed Oregon building inspector firms were refused by the Judy Logan, Joan Draper, Sharon Kinser and Jack McAnulty to touch or inspect the 28 open test holes on September 22 – 23, 2014. Inspection was not allowed except from the main sidewalks and parking lot, making it impossible to conduct a standard inspection. At least three inspectors concluded from visual inspection that the building envelope is functioning precisely as designed with the exception of the known problem areas of the 2007 improper redecking, the deck wall flashing joint and the concrete entry/wall joint.

Other videos show Joan Draper and Sharon Kinser demanding that the inspection be limited to Forensic and all four Board members on site on September 22 & 23 refused to allow other licensed and certified inspectors from inspecting the property or any of the 28 test holes opened on September 22 and closed on September 23.

Judy Logan, MD, resorts to physical violence and threatens the arrest of 3 independent licensed, certified and highly respected building inspectors that visited the site to inspect the 28 inspection test holes. Logan did everything possible and necessary to block any other opinion that might challenge the results that would be provided by Forensic Building Consultants. Forensic Building Consultants have been sued at least twice in excess of M for inferior work. On August 30, 2013, Forensic engineer falsely testified that the envelope had failed virtually everywhere, did not provide protection from water penetration and should be replaced. A year after falsely testifying in court Forensic and the HOA admitted they do not know the building conditions and that test holes are required in order to determine the building conditions. Many believe the Board, Forensic and IBI Tobi Crooks committed fraud when they falsely testified to facts, without knowing the facts. The facts now show their testimony to be false. Prior to their election to the Board, Joan Draper, Judy Logan and other Board members characterized IBI and Forensic as scam artists attempting to perpetrate .5 M in unnecessary work.

On September 22 & 23, 2014, Board members Judy Logan, Joan Draper and Sharon Kinser prevented three independent certified and licensed building inspection firms from touching, accessing or inspecting the buildings or the inspection test holes by threatening arrest.

‘You will be arrested if you try to provide a second opinion.’ If this were a medical procedure, any doctor would sued for medical malpractice by physically preventing and threatening arrest so as to prevent a second opinion.

‘You will be arrested and removed if you even attempt to stand close enough to record Forensic’s inspection or discussion.’