3-family-villa on Lake Zurich by Rossetti+Wyss architects

“The villa is located in sloping terrain above Lake Zurich.
The massive structure set into the site provides to all sides diverse adjacent spaces. The house is a hewn volume, originally – archaic – massive. The building structure rests in a seemingly unstable equilibrium with its environment. At the same time it is supple and combines the different bodies to a large and elegant form. The challenge of this project is to allow the use of three individual parties within a squat volume, providing to each single party an adequate sense of privacy…”

“…In the depth of the building openings provide daylight and underline the sophisticated spatial sequence. The building envelope is cast in light concrete, monolithic and rigid. From near the concrete appears soft and supple. The gentle surface is determined by the oversized, finely textured formwork and gives in contrast to the raw concrete, a surface that resembles a carved stone. The cast mold lives in a duality between strength and fine artwork, a confection of sculptural qualities…”

© Rossetti+Wyss