ARCH 689 – Project 2 – Tower Skin and Responsive Morphology

This is a continuation of the previous project. First, I cleaned up and organized the existing parameters to form a more clear representation, and to remove some of the kinks on the mesh of the building envelope.

The second part of the project was experimentation with a panel façade. The custom panel was in the shape of the tower base and was scaled to form a pattern around the façade. The result, while interesting to look at, was taking a considerable amount of ram for the computer to process. So rendering the resulting baked geometry was out of the question. This was more or less a fun experiment which I may revisit in the future.

The final part was the creation of a hexagonal honeycomb pattern to cover the skin of the building. This honeycomb, given the simplified VB script adapted from work by Zubin Mohamad Khabazi and Rodrigo Medina allowed for the scaling of the overall structure and the apertures of the forms. The resulting skin was much more workable.

Music Credits
“El Manana” by Gorillaz from Album “Demon Days”
“Lの思想” (L’s Ideology) by Hideki Tanuichi from “Deathnote Original Soundtrack III”