Closing Up the House | The Weston House, Episode 8 (2008)

Three weeks into the new house raising in Weston, Massachusetts, and the building envelope is almost complete. The Bensonwood crew places the last of the roof panels and sets the five-thousand pound cupola to cap off the house. The roof panels are made in the Bensonwood workshop from over fifty different structural insulated panels while crews work to apply shingles and a standing seam copper roof to the cupola before it flies. An important part of the energy efficient story with the Weston project is the new windows. General contractor Tom Silva shows host Kevin O’Connor how the windows are properly flashed and installed in the Bensonwood workshop in New Hampshire.

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5 thoughts on “Closing Up the House | The Weston House, Episode 8 (2008)”

  1. @ 3:10. R-38. “Wow, alright, that’s pretty high.”

    No it isn’t, Kevin, it’s not even slightly high. Where I live is about the
    same latitude as this project and MINIMUM R-value for roofs/ceilings is
    49. I’m never quite sure if you’re pulling some little sycophantic shill
    bit, or you just honestly have no clue what you’re talking about and
    ham-fistedly attempt to fake it, but either way it wears thin at times.
    You do the viewing public no favors when you woefully misinform them,
    especially considering TOH is supposed to be a trusted expert source.

  2. We always used Dupont Straight Flashing for the sides and Flex Wrap for the
    bottom window seal but Tommy takes it a step further I like this way much
    better and professional. 

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