GLASSCONs motorized solar shading system ” glasscon CHL – CORTEN HONEYCOMB LOUVRES” is a fully innovative & unique louver system of GLASSCON GmBH/Germany.

It offers flexible shading and daylight guidance , while using UNIQUE materials & finishes like “CORTEN-STEEL”. The system can be installed externally on every building envelope p.e in front of curtain walls or skylights. This prevents the bright light from shining through in the summer and overheating of the interior, while in winter when the sun is in a low orbit providing passive solar energy. At the same time, it offers a DYNAMIC and UNIQUE architectural effect on the building skin.

The ” glasscon CHL – CORTEN HONEYCOMB LOUVRES” solar system consists of:

• Unique CORTEN STEEL – Louver panels with closed section type «glasscon HONEYCOMB» . The CORTEN STEEL – Louver panels are extremely rigid and light and have outer surface coating of CORTEN STEEL, while inside a cellular HONEYCOMB CORE offers extreme rigidness.
• The final product of CORTEN STEEL PANEL LOUVERS – Louver panels are made by gluing two different material-surfaces together with epoxy resin. This way, the use of compact massive material, which is unwieldy, heavy, too expensive and not usually available in large dimensions, can be avoided.
• Because of their advanced engineered structure, ” glasscon CHL – CORTEN HONEYCOMB LOUVRES” are extremely resistant to any kind of loads due to wind pressure, snow etc (based on EUROCODE 1) and hits by stones, hail, etc
• The leveling of the louvers at the ends is achieved with special connectors designed to retrieve expansion and contraction without adversely displacement for long and proper operation especially regarding the motorization of the louvers.

GLASSCON GmbH – Long Experience in Shading Systems

GLASSCON has a very long experience in shading projects since 1999. It is a CERTIFIED representative of the two most important companies in the shading sector worldwide a) COLT England ( and b) WAREMA Germany ( and it has a long and testified experience in designing the most complex projects. COLT has carried out the largest shading projects worldwide (e.g. European Parliament Building in Bruxelles) and therefore GLASSCON has been trained by the world experts (refer to the GLASSCON-COLT CERTIFICATE) and uses the whole gamut of shading systems produced by COLT.

• 3.450 sqm TELECOM building with Motorized Aluminum Louvers / http://www.projects/telecom-building-skin-motorized-aluminium-louvres
• 2.100 sqm AKTOR-BUILDING CONTRACTOR building with Motorized Aluminium Louvres / http://www.projects/outdoor-venetian-solar-blinds-light-guidance
• 3.800 sqm BOSCH – HEADQUARTERS building envelope with Motorized Aluminum Louvers / http://www.projects/bosch-headquarters-building-envelope , /projects/cantilever-aluminium-solar-shades .
• 2.500 sqm multipurpose SHOP & TRADE building with Vertical Fixed Glazed Louvers / http://www.projects/building-envelope-glazed-solar-louvers-inox-mesh
• 1.950 sqm office building with Motorized Glass Shades with Fritted Glass / http://www.projects/building-skin-zinc-hpl-panels-glass-louvers
• 960 sqm. EYE CLINIC with Motorized Glass Louvers /projects / http://www.facade-motorized-glass-louvers-fritted-glazed-shades
• 850 sqm HPL/WOODEN Motorized Louvers on a Building Skin of Private Villa / http://www.projects/building-envelope-motorized-hpltimber-solar-louvers
• 535 sqm. Motorized Blinds in Front of a Spider Curtain Wall in Office Building Envelope / http://www.projects/building-facade-illuminated-tension-rod-glass-wall
• 42 ALDI – Stores – Building Envelope with Integrated Motorized External Venetian Blinds WAREMA

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