Home Energy Solutions Program Abuse

In this eye-opening video, Larry Janesky, owner and founder of Dr. Energy Saver, exposes a series of very common mistakes being made and perpetrated by some contractors participating in Connecticut’s Home Energy Solutions Program.

The goal of this state-sponsored and funded program is to make homes in Connecticut more energy efficient through building envelope improvements such as air sealing and insulation, and by replacing incandescent bulbs with more energy efficient CFL bulbs.

Participating contractors are incentivized by the state to perform a home energy evaluation, which includes two blower door tests to measure the rate of air leakage before and after the improvements in air sealing. Contractors are then paid per CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) of air leakage they manage to reduce.

As this video will show, the way this program was designed leaves a lot of room for contractors to make a series of mistakes, and manipulate the numbers in order to increase their profits.

It is understood that the goal of this program is to make homes across the state more energy efficient, to help homeowners save money on their heating and cooling bills, and to help decrease the overall demand for fuel and energy. As this video shows, however, the number of mistakes that are being made in home after home nearly defeats the entire purpose of the program and makes it very difficult for the state to back up any claims concerning its results.

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  1. This video is seriously true. I endorse this video 110%.
    This video is just the tip of the iceberg. If the public/rate payers only
    knew what goes on behind closed doors! Most do not know they are paying for
    this type of service through the public charge on the utility bill. Reach
    out to your legislation representative and stop them from taking your hard
    earned money. You should decide how to spend your money!
    I don’t mind helping others out especially if it helps the environment, but
    if my money is taken from me and given to others by the governments
    incentive programs then there should be NO room for era like this video
    points out. Because I did my homework – My experience with the HES program
    is a failure grade! Please take this seriously.
    This has been happening way to long!
    Bruce Angeloszek

  2. Published on Jan 30, 2015
    In this eye-opening video, Larry Janesky, owner and founder of Dr. Energy
    Saver, exposes a series of very common mistakes being made and perpetrated
    by some contractors participating in Connecticut’s Home Energy Solutions

  3. Way to call them out Larry! Government efficiency programs are a joke and
    they give a false sense of investment to a homeowner.

  4. Very True, and unfortunately very common here in Texas as well. I was in a
    home four years ago and was told by the homeowner that they had all these
    things done by a big company who does this government stuff. I asked if
    they had noticed a difference at all and was told no. When I entered the
    attic, the only ducts sealed were right inside the attic entrance. I found
    every duct still in bad shape. I called to let the Program Sponsor
    (contractor) to let them know what I had found and was told to mind my own
    business by the owner. When I called AEP, again for the customer, I was
    asked to join their program. What does not make sense to me, is that here
    in Texas, at that time, and maybe same now, is that they will pay for
    insulation to be added into homes, but not for air sealing the attic
    space?? GO FIGURE!

  5. What a great video, exposing what happens when the free market gets taken
    out of the equation. I say let homeowners choose who, what, why and how to
    pay for energy upgrades to their own homes. Thanks Larry

  6. Nice work Larry. Paying for CFM50 reduction without any tie back to energy
    savings. Hmmm, not obvious how quickly THAT could go off the rails?

    Looks like this program really sucks for everyone. The homeowner get’s a
    turd experience with huge missed opportunity, the contractor has to lie to
    survive, only the program wins by being able to claim huge savings that
    likely have terrible realization rates.

    Programs, designed and implemented by idiots, that measure proxies for
    efficiency will have all kinds of areas of perverse incentive. No surprise.

    Only by tracking consumption will we fix this. Measured results are the
    great equalizer, the final reconciliation step.

    IS THE COMPLAINT that people aren’t getting what they are told they are
    getting? That savings promised are “unlikely” to occur? That people aren’t
    getting what they “paid” for?

    This program has no integrity, you’ve done a nice job of pointing that out.
    But integrity is a double edged blade. When you point to other’s lack of it
    it’s wise to be willing to take a critical look at where your own practices
    might not be fully actualized.

    Larry, what before and after numbers are YOUR guys leaving, do they even
    leave as much as this crappy CT program? My experience is the only time
    contractors leave homeowners meaningful numbers is when programs require

    Larry, you talk about CT energy savings projections skeptically. I agree,
    the true tell is in the tracking. Track and find out, do the savings show

    Have you ever done this?

    Your company provides projected savings to clients. Are your savings
    showing up? Show us! Are you even tracking ANY of your projects to see how
    accurate or inaccurate your projections are? If not, how is what you are
    doing any different than this, taking money based upon hypothetical
    promises with no intention of being accountable.

    Are you just as guilty of over prediction? If you are, are you willing to
    do anything about that? Are you even willing to find out?

    Programs aren’t going away. Quit with that delusion, it leads nowhere. Stop
    tilting at windmills and start helping home performance to move forward.
    This will only come from making programs better. Having their design align
    with the results we want to be rewarded for.

    We need programs to be BETTER, and for that we need to set the example. We
    need to be willing to have accountability for our results. These programs
    exist in part because we DON’T have a system of accountability.

    Larry, might be time for you to have some accountability for performance,
    set the example, lead these programs FORWARD and be part of the solution. 

  7. Ted,
    I am held accountable by my customers. If they don’t get good results they
    will complain. The customers in this program aren’t paying so they don’t
    You are wrong that programs need to be better. They never will be.
    They’ve been trying to make them better for years. Every state has
    programs that are mostly the same. It is wrong for government to be
    involved in this way.
    My customers hire me for other reasons besides savings – it’s not the only
    reason I exist. Comfort is the number one reason. Savings are a side
    effect of why I am in business.
    I operate in the free market and have to deliver results. I do, and if I
    did not, I’m gone.
    These program contractors don’t deliver, lie on the results, and yet are
    still going because it’s dilutional legislators and administrators that
    elect to continue to force the ratepayers to pay for their pet programs
    that they think are working. At this point, everyone has their hand in the
    programs wallet and they want them to stay.

  8. Ted, This is a real house and if anyone wants to see it they can come out
    as I have invited them to. The HES program will have this report in their
    records. Nice try.

  9. I believe this is a good program and though some good points are made, it
    seems more a misdirection than a point of fact. I wonder how much of this
    comes from this company not being in the HES program and if this is truly
    an effort to better our ecology or a self represented abstraction for self
    purposes to belittle a good effort.

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