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The next revolution of living lifestyles
Seven major of the basic necessities of life;
Clothing, Food, Shutter, Traffic, Education, Amusement & Medical.

This project is an opportunity to create an enjoyable and sustainable living environment while providing a higher standard of living lifestyle.

All residential block are equipped with a commercial podium, bringing the residents and neighborhood numerous choices of entertainment including shopping mall, recreation, food & beverage facilities and sports activities.

Commercial podiums and residential towers are fully served with vehicular access points and parking while ensuring a secured separation between the residents and non-residents.

The design intent; Mobility, Renewable Energy, Smart Parking System, Condominium, Mansion, Villa, Bungalow, Landscape, Sport & Leisure, Convention Center, Auditorium, Shopping Mall, Theme Park Illusion, Fountain, Education, Healthcare, Iconic Yik Sang United Corporate Building, Financial Hub and Hotel to creates a ‘green’ working and living environment.

A small pond is constructed in the center of the shopping mall to collect rainwater and treated waste water from the roof structure, this allows water to be conserved and recycled and helping to achieve zero rainwater run-off. In mining and heavy equipment in the architecture and facade design, the complex takes on a ‘chunky’ from with angular edges and reflective surfaces.

It features integrated applications such as a passive building envelope, energy-efficient LED lighting technology, Thermally Activated Building Systems (TABS) combined with geothermal source heat pump, and renewable energy supplying by photo voltaic systems. Compared with conventional building standards, carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced by about 195 tons per year while the building being 100% carbon neutral with photo voltaic panels providing 73.68 MWh of solar-powered electricity per year. Surface heating and cooling system will provide a pleasant room climate during all seasons these fresh and preheated airs is supplied by centrally controlled air-conditioner.

By using a real-time Energy Monitoring System, building performance will be recorded continuously. The aim of zero consumption can be shown from these data. The overall concept and integrated planning also mean that initial investments in this sustainable construction will be redeemed within a few years.