Infrared Thermography and Building Efficiency – presentation by Matthew Knights of FLIR systems

Do you have offices that feel drafty, but you just can’t figure out where that cold air is coming from? Or maybe your building’s HVAC system is consuming a lot more energy than you think it should. Infrared Thermography can help!

Loss of conditioned air from a leaky building envelope can account for a significant amount of energy consumption. Thermal images can help you quickly identify air leakage around windows, doors, attics, vents, and many other places. These same images can also help you identify insulation deficiencies, water damage, potential mold sources, electrical faults and radiant tubing locations.

Chapman Construction/Design hosted this free seminar to better acquaint attendees with the science of infrared thermography and practical applications in the building industry. Our speaker is Matthew Knights of FLIR Systems, one of the leaders in the design and manufacturing of infrared imaging systems. FLIR provides thermal imaging systems for diverse applications ranging from military and law enforcement to utilities and manufacturing plants. Their handheld devices that can detect minute differences in temperature, making thermography an efficient, non-destructive way of finding problems in a building. In addition, Chapman also presents examples of infrared thermography in use on some recent projects.

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