IR and the Integrated Design Process – Creating a Knowledge Feedback Loop – Clip #1

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About This Presentation:

Designing and constructing a high-performance building envelope requires careful detailing and considers many factors such as energy efficiency, natural light and materials performance. Designers turn over detailed construction documents to a construction team who do their best to construct what designers convey – but does this process work? The extra step of building envelope thermographic imaging completed the Integrated Design Process which DIALOG is using on multiple projects across Canada – taking our integrated nature of energy modelers, architects, structural engineers and contract admin to the forefront of integrated design. Sharing this knowledge internally with DIALOG employees has helped our firm create better high performance buildings, completing the knowledge loop and improving both design and construction on our projects. It has ensured that old details and specifications are removed and updated based on feedback from the IR scans. What did we learn from looking at this building and what lessons can we apply when we design new projects? This session brings the whole building industry to learn together about building envelope performance, and better design and construction practices. Sharing this knowledge can help owners, operators and anyone in the building industry to create higher performing buildings.