Landmark Building with Draconious Roaming Vectors Part 5

Draconious, pushes the envelope of voxel technology to create, define and utilize its potential. In this video we’re creating Roaming Vectors with techniques that illustrate the underlining power that’s at the finger tips of Landmark Builders.

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5 thoughts on “Landmark Building with Draconious Roaming Vectors Part 5”

  1. Grate info!
    Seems through the entire video you where moving around and it is
    distracting. It’s fine to move around at key points but the constant motion
    is annoying 

  2. I’ve been playing since start of Alpha, and I’ve never really understood
    how to make a basic voxel board nor understood roaming voxels. Watching
    your tutorials is like having a light switch turned on. For what are
    complex topics (for me), you make things so easy to understand. Thank you
    guys for all your time and effort!

  3. Keep up the great work. It is much to take in, but I have found it most
    insightful and helpful in giving me more tools to help in my landmark
    projects. Thanks :)

  4. First off I’ll just say these tutorials are awesome, thanks so much for
    these! However, I’m having trouble with one part of this one – I can’t get
    my last set to stretch. I do the negative paste one down and it makes the
    desired changes, but when I go and move the two spaces above and do a
    negative paste, nothing happens. It’s got me quite perplexed!

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