Passive House Geofoam Foundation Installation: Karuna Video #1
This construction site video of the Karuna House in Yamhill County, Oregon, demonstrates installation of a geofoam foundation that will super-insulate the bottom of the building envelope and help the project achieve Passive House and Minergie-P-ECO certifications. Lead Carpenter Scott Gunter narrates the process of 1. screeding out gravel, 2. back dragging with rake as needed, 3. compacting gravel, 4. marking outside foundation wall line on foam, 5. setting and aligning geofoam, and 6. drilling and pinning geofoam into place. The Karuna House is designed by Holst Architecture and built by Hammer & Hand.

Hammer And Hand – Portland: 1020 Southeast Harrison Street, Portland, OR 97214-4709 | (503) 232-2447 | CCB#105118

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