Performing The British Standard Humidity Box Test The Rainbow Way!

Rainbow International Demonstrate Concrete Moisture Testing to British Standards for the Building Restoration Industry, using the Tramex “Hygrohood” Surface Humidity Box Test.


– How to Perform a British Standard Relative Humidity Hood Test on a Concrete Gypsum Floor or Screed (00:00)
– Hygrohood with Built-in Digital Hygrometer (01:15)
– Hygrohood for use with Hygro-i RH Probe (01:39)


Rainbow International have been operating in the UK since 1987, and from humble beginnings has developed into the premium supplier of Restoration and Specialist Cleaning Services in the UK.

Today, over 80 branches cover the entire country, ensuring our service and commitment to our customer base meets our own aspirations of quality, reliability, delivering an effective and cost efficient service, anywhere in the UK, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Rainbow International is committed to helping insurance companies, loss adjusters & brokers, reduce the cost of claims and retain their customers. Additionally, they aspire to provide the very highest levels of specialist cleaning services to a wide range of commercial and public service organisations.

Through the use of proven systems and the latest technology, we deliver a highly responsive and cost-effective service. Our innovative approach and on-going investment strategy ensure that we continue to enhance our service package and remain at the forefront of continuous improvement within the damage restoration and specialist cleaning marketplace. We invest in the on-going development of our people, our cleaning and restoration techniques, products, equipment and business systems. In addition, the high-technology approach of the ISS Group means that we can access the very latest in IT solutions and restoration techniques.


Tramex are International Leaders in the Design and Production of Moisture Meters, with a reputation for the highest standards in quality and innovation. Our heritage in innovation began with our foundation in 1974. Inspired by our experience and knowledge of building moisture inspection, and working closely with Trinity College Dublin, one of the world’s leading research-intensive universities, we invented, patented and developed the first ever non-destructive moisture meters.

These award-winning products gave professionals unique and advanced ways to inspect the entire building envelope. In addition to delivering deeper and more accurate readings than any other product available, these meters also made it possible to detect and trace the source and extent of moisture problems without causing any damage to the material being tested.

Today Tramex continues to innovate, design and manufacture moisture meters for building inspection to the highest standards of precision and durability in a variety of industries such as Flooring, Walls & Roofing, Water Damage Restoration, Indoor Air Quality, as well as for material specific industries related to Wood and Concrete. We have the most advanced range of instruments for detecting, tracing and measuring moisture in the building envelope, and are market leaders in the many industries we serve.

Designed with the professional in mind, each instrument is manufactured in Ireland and is individually tested with exacting precision for accuracy and durability. Every Tramex Meter is then individually calibrated ahead of shipping.

With in-built quality you can trust, we know that each investment in a Tramex Meter is an investment in quality and peace of mind for years of trouble-free use.


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