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The next revolution of living lifestyles, seven major of the basic necessities of life;
Clothing, Food, Shutter, Traffic, Education, Amusement & Medical.

This project is an opportunity to create an enjoyable and sustainable living environment while providing a higher standard of living lifestyle.

The design intent of; Monorail, New Airport Terminal, Cargo Port, Oil Terminal, Renewable Energy, Water treatment Plant, Mansion, Villa, Bungalow, Civil Residence, Landscape, Sport & Leisure, Convention Center, Auditorium, Shopping Mall, Theme Park Illusion, Education, Healthcare, Government Iconic Building, Financial Hub, Hotel and Resorts creates as a ‘green’ tourism, living and working environment.

Medical Center is more than a regular hospital.
* Provides patients and the community with health care for everyday needs and the most specialized services for complex diseases, illnesses and injuries.
* Offer unique care not available anywhere else in the region.
* Develops technology and carries out research that improves lives.

* International school.
* One stop Educational center to all Levels.
* Day care center.

SOHO Center, the small office has undergone a transformation since its advent as the internet has enabled anyone working from a home office to complete globally. Due to the increase in small and home offices, web services and standard business software have been created to directly assist smaller businesses in standard businesses practice.

AEROMOVEL is a reliable, efficient and cost-effective innovation in passenger transportation that uses air propulsion for the movement of lightweight. The system combines low capital costs, high performance, easy and fast implementation, environmental compatibility, comfort, and reliability through its pneumatic propulsion technology.

The advantages of AEROMOVEL flow directly from the system uncomplicated concepts and extremely high payload to weight ratio. This results in demonstrably reduced acquisition, installation, operation and maintenance costs in comparison with conventional fixed guide way transit.

Waste to Energy, burning is sometimes called combustion, all organic waste contains energy, people have burned one type of organic material for thousands of years, It’s wood, ancient people burned wood to keep them warm and cook their food, in many parts of the world, wood is still the number one source of energy.

Today, we can burn garbage in special plants and use its heat energy to make steam to heat buildings or to generate electricity, it is really nothing new, and more than half of electric power companies already burn another type of solid material to make electricity.

It features integrated applications such as a passive building envelope, energy-efficient LED lighting technology, Thermally Activated Building Systems (TABS) combined with geothermal source heat pump, and renewable energy supplying by photo voltaic systems. Compared with conventional building standards, carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced by about 195 tons per year while the building being 100% carbon neutral with photo voltaic panels providing 73.68 MWh of solar-powered electricity per year.

Surface heating and cooling system will provide a pleasant room climate during all seasons these fresh and preheated airs is supplied by centrally controlled air-conditioner. By using a real-time Energy Monitoring System, building performance will be recorded continuously. The aim of zero consumption can be shown from these data. The overall concept and integrated planning also mean that initial investments in this sustainable construction will be redeemed within a few years.