Sump Basket Installation – Installing the Right System Is Critical!

Built for the long haul, the Sump Basket from MTI is a high quality, structural foam sump basket that holds up under pressure. Its large capacity also reduces energy usage since cycling is greatly reduced. It also comes with a gas tight lid. Employ a gas-tight sump basket lid with designated outlet hole gaskets and brackets that facilitates proper installation of moisture and gas venting stacks. This sump basket configuration can be mechanically vented with an inline fan system. The mechanically fastened sump basket lid is a safety device and code in most states.

The venting of soil gases from the sump basket and the connecting drain tile/drain field details has a number of positive aspects. One of the most beneficial aspects is that the venting of these gases creates a slight negative pressure in these details that discourages soil gases from entering the living space of the building envelope.