T3 Building Enclosure Solutions: ExoAir Trio – A 3-in-1 Solution

ExoAir® Trio is an open-cell flexible polyurethane foam tape impregnated with synthetic resin. When installed, ExoAir Trio expands into the rough opening to create a seal that is airtight, thermally efficient and vapor-permeable. ExoAir Trio is part of the innovative Tremco T3 Building Enclosure Solutions. An advanced German technology that has been utilized successfully by Tremco’s sister company Tremco illbruck for years, T3 Solutions have surpassed stringent Passive House standards and met standards of the BBA (British Board of Agrément) and the German Institute for Standardization or DIN (Deutsches Institut fur Normung E.V.) testing. This system has also been embraced by the Australian Window Association (AMA). In North America, T3 has met all required ASTM and AAMA testing and is endorsed by the National Institute of Building Science and the NRCC (National Research Council of Canada) .

Basic Uses

– Sealing openings around doors and windows with a thermal, airtight,
vapor-permeable seal
– Installed onto green and damp substrates in virtually any weather conditions
– Compatible with vinyl, wood, concrete, aluminum and a variety of substrates