WA caucus PCO tries to leave building with signed caucus forms.

I managed to catch up to her and take the envelope straight back into the building. I thought I recorded the whole thing but must have missed the record button from the start. This is 3 seconds immediately after I intended to stop recording.

At my caucus today my Precinct Committee Officer tried to leave the building with many signed caucus forms in an envelope. I immediately chased after her and managed to get about 20 feet behind her just as she exited the building (Meadowdale High School Gym). She exited out a back door and started walking faster as she exited. There wasn’t really anyone around but she caught up to a young voter coming up the back way from the sports fields and asked her what the quickest way to the parking lot was. The young voter claimed she didn’t know and was just forced to park around back. The PCO kind of antagonized her for not knowing and said something like, well don’t you go to high school here?! I then caught up to her and confronted her and asked her why she was leaving the building with signed caucus forms. She claimed she was just getting cupcakes from her car. I told her I’d like to have the envelope and ran immediately back into building. She had at least 15 signed forms in the envelope which I thought was our official envelope for our forms. Many people just wanted their form turned in so they could leave as they knew they wouldn’t switch candidates. She did end up coming back with cupcakes.

I pulled out my phone and tried to start recording but unfortunately I must have missed the record button in the heat of the moment. I did end up recording a couple seconds of footage right after I intended to stop recording so that’s what this is unfortunately.

After I returned with the envelope several of my precinct cheered and we went to talk to some of the leading people running the count to see if we could get a new PCO. I believe he said we couldn’t vote on it since she was an appointed PCO but she ended up giving me her PCO scarf and letting me take over by her own accord. I had no idea what I was doing but I made it happen with the support of many others in my precinct and neighboring precincts. We ended up having 34 people show up in my precinct and only 6 of those people were for Hillary. Our delegate count ended up being 5 for Bernie Sanders and 1 for Hillary Clinton. Once we had figured out the initial math we had our speeches which really just turned into a debate unfortunately. Nobody ended up switching candidates. I had been keeping our caucus forms safe the whole time in a larger envelope that she tried taking out to the car. Turns out that’s just some other envelope that made it’s way into our precinct an no other precincts. It is not the official one which has a sticker to record the delegate count and several other forms. She brought with her a cake, the cupcakes I mentioned earlier, and Hillary signs, buttons, and stickers that hardly got used and I’m still unsure if that was legal. Underneath all her things was our official envelope that had all the info I needed to run the entire thing. It seemed she didn’t want me to have the proper info I needed as acting PCO.

So basically it just seemed super sketchy that she would be taking those forms out to her car. She could have easily asked someone to watch those forms while she went to get cupcakes. She also could have used the same door she came in instead of using a back door which made her lost and not knowing exactly where her car was. Why did she have a second envelope that looked very similar to the official ones? Signs do not look good to me but it may have simply been a case of not thinking about it. She did seem like a very nice lady but she was certainly not going to be persuaded to switch candidates. She did make several snarky remarks though. Once we had the final count she tried to lead a cheer for Bernie sarcastically even though she had at least 8 pieces of Hillary stuff on. So that was fun and now I’m apparently the Precinct Committee Officer. I’ve just sent an email to the county representative for the wa-democrats.org so hopefully I’ll find out officially soon. I would be honored to take the position.