White Powder Envelopes Sent to Canada Parliament Hill Marked ‘Ottawa Shooting’ – VIDEO

White Powder Envelopes Sent to Canada Parliament Hill Marked ‘Ottawa Shooting’ VIDEO

Parliament Hill on high security alert after mysterious white powder sent to three senators. Envelopes delivered to constituency offices of Denis Lebel, Steven Blaney, Christian Paradis, Maxime Bernier
(National Post) Parliament Hill went on high security alert just before 11:30 a.m. Monday after three envelopes containing an unknown white powder were left at the offices of three senators.

The envelopes, one at the Senate’s East Block offices and two at the nearby Victoria Building offices on Wellington Street, were marked with the words “Ottawa shooting,” an apparent reference to the Oct. 22 National War Memorial shooting and storming of the Hill by terrorist gunman Michael Zehaf-Bibeau.
The envelopes and their contents were secured, according to Mike McDonald, director of the Senate’s protective services.

Members of the House of Commons have been warned to be on the look out for similar envelopes.

Earlier this month, suspicious envelopes containing white powder were sent to the Quebec riding offices of four federal cabinet ministers, with a source saying that one of the envelopes contained a threat: “Conservatives, you will be annihilated.”

No one was hurt in that instance and the substance is believed to have been harmless.

Meanwhile, a topless woman protesting the Conservatives’ security bill, C-51, was removed from the House of Commons earlier Monday.

The protester, identified by the National Post as Neda Topaloski, with the Canadian wing of the international Femen movement, said she was in the observation gallery when she took off her shirt. Officers gave chase, so Topaloski ran about the gallery, screaming: “C-51 is war on freedom.”
Television footage of the incident shows startled parliamentarians looking toward the gallery, but does not pan towards the protest. Topaloski said “C-51 State Terrorism” was written on her chest.

Femen Canada has previously disrupted the Quebec National Assembly with its brand of topless protest, but had yet to make it inside the Parliament buildings in Ottawa. Last Spring, Ms. Topaloski was photographed crashing an anti-abortion demonstration on the Parliament Hill grounds.
(CBC News) Quebec police have determined that the white powder in an envelope sent to the constituency office of Infrastructure Minister Denis Lebel is harmless.

Suspicious envelopes containing white powder turned up at the constituency offices of four Quebec Conservative MPs.
■Parliament Hill security incidents few and tame before Oct. 22 shooting

Quebec provincial police confirmed that envelopes were found at the offices of Lebel and Minister of State for Small Business Maxime Bernier in Saint-Georges-de-Beauce.

Radio-Canada reported envelopes were also found at the office of International Development Minister Christian Paradis in Thetford Mines and Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney’s Levis riding office.

Sources have told CBC News that one of the envelopes contained a note that said “Conservateurs, vous serez anéantis,” which translates to “Conservatives, you will be annihilated.”

Earlier Thursday afternoon, a staffer at Blaney’s office told Radio-Canada they had not opened the mail, and were waiting for instructions from the local police.

In a statement issued in his ministerial capacity, Blaney confirmed that “some Quebec MPs” had received envelopes.

“The safety of cabinet ministers, members of Parliament and their staff is a primary concern at all times,” he said.

“We thank the Sûreté du Québec and local law enforcement for their swift response.”

Offices evacuated

Radio-Canada said the ministers’ offices were evacuated. The first envelope was received at Lebel’s office in the morning, with the other two found between 12:30 and 1 p.m. ET.
A woman who opened the envelope at Lebel’s office was taken to hospital for examination, but exhibited no symptoms and was released, Quebec police and Lebel’s office confirmed.

The Sûreté du Québec was maintaining a security perimeter around Lebel’s constituency office in downtown Roberval Thursday afternoon. Lebel was not at the office when the package was received, but was making his way back to the riding after learning of the incident.

A staffer working in Quebec Conservative MP Jacques Gourde’s constituency office told CBC News that the office had been advised to watch out for any suspicious mail.

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