while in Waiting for a BCM…

I dug a bit deeper into a common issue with these VW … water intrusion . had to pull the driver door cause the roof drain fell into the a pillar , may have a BCM tomorrow so i may be abe able to drive it but will have to un lock it wot the key. VW want 125 to reprogram it ..

Heavy rainfall causes water logging in Kolkata | भारी बारिश के बाद कोलकाता में भरा पानी

Kolkata witnesses water logging problem after heavy rainfall. Routes of planes from Kolkata Airport have been changed. Watch to know more.

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California’s Drought Continues

California’s Water Wars: After 5 years of drought, California has finally had a deluge of rain. But with much of the state’s water supply being sent to LA, people in drought-affected areas feel they’ve been left high and dry. Dean Cornish and Ronan Sharkey report for SBS Dateline.

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California’s Immigration Showdown

“When it comes to water a lot of people call us a colony of LA, because the city of LA owns a big portion of the land here in the Owens Valley”, says local Kathy Bancroft. She lives three hours north of Los Angeles at the source of California’s water wars. Where there was once a great lake there is only grey dust, thanks to the 100-year-old, 300 km long aqueduct diverting water to LA. It’s now become the biggest source of dust pollution in the entire US.

“They just do whatever they like with our water and the land”, says Bancroft. The burial grounds of many of her Paiute and Shoshone descendants have blown away in the arid winds. Now LA has to pay .5 billion for sprinklers that pump 80 billion litres of water to control the Owens Valley dust problem. Families on the other side of the Sierra Nevada mountain live in third world conditions, rationing bottled water delivered by the truckload. “Now I just go out and a lot of times I cry”, says 96-year-old local Vicky, whose precious garden finally succumbed to the drought. As the world’s sixth largest economy struggles to manage its water, by 2025 it is estimated two-thirds of the world’s population will face water scarcity.

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SBS Australia – Ref. 7167

Typhoon Khanun Heavily Affects South China

yphoon Khanun was heavily influencing south China’s Guangdong and Hainan provinces on Sunday, before it is forecast to make landfall between the two provinces in the early hours of Monday.

The National Meteorological Center (NMC) issued an orange alert for the typhoon at 10:00 Sunday, and the tropical storm has brought about gales raging at 103-134 kilometers per hour in the southern and eastern coastal regions.

From Sunday night to Monday morning, Khanun is expected to cause its most serious damage, said the NMC.

In Xuwen County, Guangdong Province, where the typhoon is to land between 02:00 and 03:00 Monday, strong winds have been sweeping across along with heavy rain. Cities like Guangzhou and Shenzhen have been experiencing similar weather.

During the hours before the typhoon’s landfall, local power departments have been busy clearing trees over electric wires, while soldiers were removing hidden hazards at the port.

Starting from Saturday morning, all ferries to and from the region have been suspended, and all fishing boats have returned to ports by 20:00 that day after eight cities issued alerts for the typhoon.

The good news is Khanun weakened from grade 14 to 13 by 17:00 Sunday and is likely to diminish to grade 12 when it makes landfall.

In Haikou City, Hainan Province, strong winds are shaking vehicles amid heavy rain and are expected to speed up to 117-149 kilometers per hour.

The Haikou Meilan International Airport canceled 269 flights Sunday, with all the trains and buses in the city suspended. Schools also have been required to suspend class.

Moreover, it is warned that the Khanun landfall will coincide with rising tides Monday, and hence likely to cause salt-water intrusion.
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