Oceanic water intrusion in to KAGOSHIMA BAY (2. Satellite SST and Chl images)

Flow pattern of the oceanic water intrusion in to Kagoshima Bay by simulation and satellite images. To extract the intruding pattern not only winter season but summer season, satellite SST and Chl images are applied. Low chl-a concentration of oceanic water and inner bay water are divided clearly.

An Introduction to BESI’s Building Envelope Training and Certification Courses

From the foundation to the highest apex of the roof, the building envelope encompasses all aspects of a building’s structure. A structurally sound building envelope is critical to ensure safety and optimize a building’s life expectancy and reduce reparation costs. At the Building Envelope Science Institute (BESI) our experts train and certify industry professionals using over 25 years of building envelope knowledge and field experience.

Basement Water Intrusion

There are 5 major ways water enters the home. Through cracks in floors, from over the footer, from bleeding and sweating walls or windows, through cracks in walls or mortar joints, and from under the footer. Once water has found its way into your basement it is important to address several key areas to mitigate the problem before it gets worse.

Basement water problems can lead to structural problems and cause mold and poor indoor air quality. Basement waterproofing and drainage can be used to help stop water from entering the home. Interior basement waterproofing is designed to remove water from the basement after it enters the home. Exterior waterproofing is designed to help prevent water from entering the basement. Both methods are effective and can be enhanced by additional drainage and wall shield solutions.