Sustainable Design Conference R Value and Building Envelope

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Richard Rue form Energywise speaks about the dire importance of a superior thermal envelope for buildings, and touches on R-Value and the perceived notion that it’s the best way to measure the efficiency of a structure.
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ECI Green, Inc. Water Intrusion/Leak removal process.

ECI Green is a residential and commercial construction and remodeling company.
Having completed many projects in Chicago and its suburbs, we understand how to integrate your vision within the rules and regulations of greater Chicagoland. From a small residential remodeling project to the construction of a custom home, our expertise spans the spectrum of your needs.
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Water Intrusion – Construction Defect

This animation was designed to help jurors better understand the causation of various water damage, as discovered during destructive testing for a construction defect case. Plaintiffs had alleged that the house was built poorly and thus the builder would be liable for water damage, but this animation helps prove that plaintiffs’ own modifications to the house caused the water intrusion.

Oceanic water intrusion in to KAGOSHIMA BAY (3. Field observation data)

Flow pattern of simulation and satellite SST images shows same pattern that oceanic water mass intrude toward northern part along east side coast. Oceanic water intrusion should affects water quality of inner bay water.
This article shows characteristic of the intrusion using periodic observed water quality data in a public water area.

Entuitive – Building Envelope

The building envelope services team at Entuitive specializes in the complete enclosure of new and existing buildings, including cladding, glazing, roofing and waterproofing.

Our goal is to maximize the performance of the building skin — making sure it looks better, lasts longer, and performs as a complete and efficient environmental separator.

We understand a wide range of materials and systems, their compatibility and how they perform over time. And we are continually evaluating new materials and ideas. By collaborating with architects contractors’ suppliers and system designers, the Entuitive team of specialists balances many criteria — aesthetic, functional, technical, performance and durability — against issues such as cost, availability, scheduling and programming requirements so we can advise on the best solutions.

Within our team, we have a breadth of experience and knowledge, and we ensure that sound building science theory and building envelope expertise are applied to every project, large and small. Also, in support of our solutions we apply computer simulations to test our ideas during design, and sophisticated field testing to verify performance during and after construction. We have the tools and experience to ensure that your building performance is optimized.

L&H Renovation Water intrusion at window 1 6 2009

Ever wonder how water seeps through windows and destroys a buildings infrastructure? This video exposes the source of water intrusion, the damage it can cause and demonstrates how to properly reconstruct your building to prevent future water damage. As the nations top multifamily renovation contractors, Leffler & Heaney has led the way in developing permanent water intrusion solutions. Visit