Designing the Building Envelope

We are remodeling a 1920’s building in Detroit and want to focus on utilizing passive design for our energy needs, so every detail of the design is important. This video gives a short overview of our ideas for the building envelope: the floors, walls and roof, and how they interconnect.

Oceanic water intrusion into Kagoshima Bay / 鹿児島湾への外洋水流入計算

Kagoshima Bay, located southern Kyushu, Japan, has sometimes oceanic water intrusions. Water quality in the bay should be affected by this phenomenon. Relatively simple numerical simulation was carried out to estimate intruding pattern. With Coriolis effect and topographic effect, intrusion pattern along the east side coast quickly was simulated. The pattern almost agree with satellite images.

Sustainable Design Conference R Value and Building Envelope

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Richard Rue form Energywise speaks about the dire importance of a superior thermal envelope for buildings, and touches on R-Value and the perceived notion that it’s the best way to measure the efficiency of a structure.
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