【 Ys V: Kefin, Lost Kingdom of Sand 】 Boss 3: Hydorr

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Boss 3: Water Beast Hydorr

At the center of the marshland cave, Adol comes upon the crystal room. Like the light crystal shrine before it, the Water Crystal has its own guardian beast.

Hydorr can definitely be one of the more tricky bosses to deal with in this game. In its first form, it has more attacks which are mixed in their difficulty to deal with. When its “head” pokes out from its jellyfish(?) body, it will attempt to suck you up and deal unavoidable damage if you’re in the vicinity near its front. Its range is actually pretty wide, but it hits sporadically from my experience. It’s best to walk away/offscreen if you can, and it wont drag you in. It can also shoot beams in a spread shot or a ball which further spreads into an X pattern.

Blocking these can be tricky since this game can be picky about where an attack is coming from in reference to your shield versus your exposed side, a trait that is a common theme throughout future bosses. It’s best to be as parallel to the projectiles as possible when trying to block them, but of course dodging is always an option. Another issue with the boss can be that it is an entire hitbox, and since the water limits your movement it can be tricky to hit it without getting hurt if you rush in. Adol moves slower and gets pushed back by the water as soon as he reaches the top of the square in the middle of the arena, so taking things slow and planning movements helps in this part. It doesn’t help that it camouflages pretty well in the water.

The second form only has one pattern and one attack. It circles the top part of the arena and shoots black blasts down to the lower part, also spawning very tiny orbs which attempt to rapidly fire at you. Staying at the upper part of the square avoids the black blasts entirely, and its where you should be to hit Hydorr itself, but here you are most vulnerable to the tiny orbs which are hard to shield because 1) They move erratically and 2) They blend in really well with the background. Getting against a wall helps, but I found it best to stand in place and try to shield them. Like the first form’s lasers, it can be hard to judge which direction to block since you can’t block at diagonal angles (1, 3, 7, and 9), but since you can swivel the shield in place there’s an element of just reacting quick enough. The big plus to this phase is that Hydorr itself DOESN’T HAVE A HITBOX AT ALL so you can yolo mash at it instead of defend and probably kill it before it takes you out.

As Adol approaches the crystal, the Water Spirit Neida appears and instills him with the hope of saving the world before its too late. As he goes to grab the Water Crystal, though, the Ibur gang spring up and nab it for themselves.Adol is forced to leave empty-handed and returns to the Woodcutters Village.There he speaks with Master Rod and tells him of the Ibur’s intrusion, and Rod opens up the path the the town of Ramzen, which is near the Zeibe Ruins that the Ibur Gang plans to procure the Fire Crystal from.

Game: Ys V: Kefin, Lost Kingdom of Sand / イースV 失われた砂の都ケフィン
Release Date: 29/12/1995
System: SNES
Recorded with ZSNES