1.Coastal Embankment Improvement Project ( Phase-1)

The objectives of the First Phase of the Coastal Embankment Improvement Project for Bangladesh are to (a) increase the area protected in selected polders from tidal flooding and frequent storm surges, which are expected to worsen due to climate change; (b) improve agricultural production by reducing saline water intrusion in selected polders; and (c) improve the Government of Bangladesh’s capacity to respond promptly and effectively to an eligible crisis or emergency. The project has five components. (1) Rehabilitation and improvement of polders component will finance activities that aim to increase community resilience to tidal flooding and storm surges. (2) Implementation of social and environmental management frameworks and plans component will support consultation with and strengthening of polder stakeholders and beneficiaries. (3) Construction supervision, monitoring and evaluation of project and coastal zone monitoring component will cover consulting services for (i) surveys, designs of remaining polders to be included in the project and (ii) construction supervision of rehabilitation and improvement of coastal embankments; (iii) continuously monitoring project activities and providing feedback to the government and the implementing agency on the project’s performance. (4) Project management, technical assistance, training and strategic studies component will support Bangladesh Water Development Board in implementing the project. (5) Contingent emergency response component will be contingent upon the fulfillment of the following conditions: (i) the Government of Bangladesh has determined that an eligible crisis or emergency has occurred and the Bank has agreed and notified the Government; (ii) the Ministry of Finance has prepared and adopted the Contingent Emergency Response (CER) Implementation Plan that is agreed with the Bank; (iii) Bangladesh Water Developme