Bad engine computer from water intrusion (Chevy van)

1996 Chevy Van G1500 5.7L Computer Problems
I cannot stress enough how important it is to learn circuit designs. This video covers topics in Section 2 “Switch Inputs” pages 8 and 25. Also Section 12 “Airflow Sensors” pages 6 and 7. To purchase a copy of my eBook go to

25 thoughts on “Bad engine computer from water intrusion (Chevy van)”

  1. On this year you may get away with that. On newer systems you would need to
    do a reprogram for the anti-theft system.

  2. What vehicles is this common to? Just van chassis? I think on the trucks
    they put the computer on the inner fender and not under the master
    cylinder, but I am just going from memory. Just GM vans from that age range?

  3. Just the vans as far as I have seen. And it is only for a few years. GM
    fixed this problem on the newer models but I’m not 100% sure of what the
    fix was. A different PCM housing and relocation I think.

  4. Great vid and only experience and equipment found the problem. I had a
    friend that was quoted almost 3 grand to have his fixed before I told him
    about the computer. I worked at the Van plant untill it closed in 1993 and
    then it went to Flint Michigan for a few years not sure where their built

  5. not worth the amount of labor. time for a maybe. not to mention the other
    half of the broken connector. that is still frozen in the pcm.

  6. I have a question about this video and it is concern about the air
    temperature sensor. Most of analog MAF sensor have in build air temperature
    sensor. Do digital MAF sensor have in build air temperature sensor or they
    are separate of the MAF? I saw those two wires on the left side of the MAF
    and I assumed that they are part of air temperature sensor together with
    the MAF. Thank you

  7. the 2 wires you saw on the left side of the mass air flow sensor was a
    separate intake air temperature sensor. and was not part of the mass air
    flow sensor. on this design it was a 3 wire digital type mass air flow

  8. most likely solder joint failure due to the moisture. you would need to
    re-flow the board to ensure integrity. rebuilt ECM’s are pretty cheap for
    this vehicle.

  9. 96 tahoe 5.7 284k miles NO CODES enigne misses when driving. Less then a
    year old tune up and compression was even. Fuel pressure and filter are
    good. New coil and ignition module. Has 2 year old cpi from oreilly.
    Replace intake gasket about a year ago. I was thinking distributor next,
    any ideals?

  10. I’m ok with that test on a signal circuit. I’ve done it many times. This
    test works on Ford MAFs but you have to leave the MAF plugged in when you
    do it. The PCM MAF monitoring circuit gets its ground through the MAF
    sensor. This is why Fords have two grounds to the MAF. If you try this test
    unplugged, you will get no response. That is the tricky thing with bypass
    testing, it doesn’t always work. there are variables

  11. That would depend on what the signal looks like. I don’t approach every
    system or car the same way. Symptoms and test results dictate my next move.
    I may check sensor signal, then power and ground before worrying about
    opens and shorts in the signal wire. There really is no easy answer to
    this. “The only constant is change”

  12. Yes, pretty grungy, Paul do you believe in that contact cleaner? Odd a
    steel bolt breaking due to what?

  13. i have a 1998 chevy express van when it rain water gets in an be on the
    computer and the other fuse box and then I have to leave the key in the
    forward position for a min to thirty min befor my fuel pump kicks in then
    my van starts could be a computer problem I also have other problems such
    as spurdering and transmission not shifting right. do you haave any

  14. great videos. easy to understand and follow. watching your videos help me a
    lot in diagnosing problems in our shop. although I donot have a good
    scanner or scope, but your explanation always help me get through the daily
    shop problems. I always looking for more new videos and lectures of yours.
    sincerely yours, nasir

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