Experience the beauty of Batticaloa
All that you need to know about Batticaloa eastern province Sri lanka
Sector Wise prioritized Development desires of District of Batticaloa.


1.1 Agriculture

Construction/renovation of rice mills and rice floor factories etc to worth added the paddy production as a result of major portion of paddy purchased with none process so those need to be price adscititious.
Land leveling, soil & conservation practices to extend average paddy production per square measure as a result of paddy production per square measure is a smaller amount compare to different Districts.
Construction of seed paddy process Center.
Improvement of regional agriculture centre at Karadiyanaru
Productivity improvement of crops
Productivity of crops ought to be improved to extend yield and financial gain. Introduction of recent technologies and improved cultivation practices increase average yield.

Quality improvement for export crops
Introduce and promote flood, drought & salt resistant varieties in Maha season.
Expansion of extend of cashew, Borassus flabellifer & coconut cultivation.
Improvement of coconut development board, Maylampaveli.
OFC growth
Farmers will get stable financial gain and increase margin of profit by increasing the cultivated extent. Resource may be higher utilised.

Agro primarily based manufacture and price addition.
Value addition of primary merchandise can increase financial gain.

Prevention of misappropriated fishing
Establish fish property to take care of the fishing stocks in tanks.
Post-harvest techniques and price addition
Fish process units
Local market consumption
Landing sites
Multi-day boats, diving, GPS
Ice production factories
Sustainable landlocked Fishing
1.4 Irrigation

Irrigation theme improvement
Rehabilitation of salt water intrusion bund
Amalgamation of Kithul & Rugam tank
Farmer coaching to take care of tanks and channels
Rehabilitation of abandoned minor irrigation tanks
Removal of flood obstacles obtainable in irrigation schemes
De-siltation of tanks to extend the water holding capability
1.5 cultivation

Establishment of Multiple Marine fin fish property
Establishment of cluster shrimp farming infrastructure Development
Introducing Marine fin fish and Shrimp Post Larvae in Upparu laguna Annually
Development of community primarily based cluster farms
Development of model employment cultivation System
Development of common eco-friendly cultivation structures for cluster farms.

Provide 8447 numbers of homes to the foremost vulnerable communities in Batticaloa District. These families’ homes were destroyed by civil conflict. This total numbers of prioritized housing desires were classified more according the various kinds of vulnerability.
No of broken by Civil Conflict

Development of recourse primarily based industries. (Establish works to utilize the regionally obtainable draw materials (coconut, Palmyra, garments, clay brick & grass etc).
Enhancing occupation skills
Promote market linkages and networks.
Development of infrastructure facilities
4.2 Tourism

Strengthening the District Structure for business enterprise Development of Batticaloa District
Improving the Access to the Batticaloa District additionally as intra access at intervals the District
Development of the confirming Infrastructure
Human Resource Development
Tourist Attractions Development
Keeping the traveller keep for additional nights is equally importance as attracting tourists. additional night stays would like additional activities to get pleasure from for the tourists. Tourists attractions, activities to involve the tourists and knowledge regarding these have to be compelled to be developed in Batticaloa District

The Batticaloa District is blessed with a good type of natural, socio-cultural and manmade attractions for each foreign and domestic tourists.

National parks
Nature reserves
Heritage sites
Religious places(Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim and Christian)
Bird observance
Lagoon rides
Handicrafts (Souvenirs)
Establish handicraft centres in traveller locations.
Establishment of recreational parks