California drought catastrophe – Salt water entering delta drinking water could flood Central Valley

California drought emergency – Salt water encroaching into
CA drinking and agricultural water supply a looming disaster,
government does nothing but waffle based on ‘environmental

The ‘other’ California drought catastrophe you probably
never heard of… decades in the making as a result of
our ‘leaders’ intentional ineptitude and ‘environmental
zealots’ anti-Human, anti-progress agenda.

The Looming Water Disaster That Could Destroy California, and Enrich Its Billionaire Farmers,_and_enrich_its_billionaire_farmers

Can California fix the Delta before disaster strikes?

California ‘may’ dam 3 Delta channels, if drought persists

State revives plan for Delta barriers to fight seawater intrusion

22 thoughts on “California drought catastrophe – Salt water entering delta drinking water could flood Central Valley”

  1. Simple: The Government & Politicians Want TOTAL Control Over The People Of
    California. Plus They Want The Majority To Move Out Of California.

  2. This si all about starving millions and depopulation of the planet as the
    richest 1% want as part of their New World Order. Among them are Bill
    Gates, Warren Buffet, and Ted Turner. They think their lives are of more
    importance than any others

  3. Think of this… research the Salton Sea to find out what pesticides ond
    modern agraculture and farming would due to any reservoir in the delta.

  4. They been specifically stating how the levy in Sacramento needs to be
    fixed, its in our states capitol, yet it still cant get fixed ,which lets
    me know they will be doing us like they did New Orleans.

  5. Pack your shit and leave. California is lost. Move to the North East or
    Bible Belt. California will be a desert waste land by 2017…

  6. The radiated sea water is the next hazard. Even with desalinization plants
    will not remove isotopes. 

  7. And so it starts …I got my 22 acres in Oregon ,,,2 wells …both real
    wells not just bore pipe …have the river not far behind the house.Where
    I’m at population is under 100 in a area considerably significant.More Elk
    than people…also there are about 7 plant species that are edible and
    provide good vitamin and mineral intake …they taste horrible to be sure
    …but it beats starvation or barely getting enough nutrient intake to work
    a farm.Get in touch with your primitive instinct if you still have it ..if
    not prepare to die and quite possibly by your own hand.Suicide may well be
    many peoples best bet if they can’t handle whats coming.

  8. Which major city do you folks figure they have plans to let go …Phoenix
    …Tempe …Tucson …Vegas …all of the above …you know it’s being
    contemplated and planned for.They will not intervene …they will let it
    run it’s course …the Great Culling of the American Sheeple.Gonna be fun
    to watch.Like it said in the Unforgiven …deserving has nothing to do with
    it.God won’t be there for the Christians …he don’t exist.

  9. Oh my what ever shall we do with out Almonds …LOL ..and why if I may ask
    are people more important ..please be specific …cause seems to me loss of
    half the Human population would be a good thing considering we live on
    Island in space with limited resources …which can’t sustain 7 billion +
    …It seems to me that the final phaze of Capitalism in it’s present form
    …is Cannibalism.

  10. Agenda 21 at it’s finest on a large scale. Watch the land grabs after they
    decide to do something about it… 

  11. “Human lives are more valuable”? Nothing is more or less valuable to the
    ecosystem. Your distorted value system will only destroy the earth. We have
    to think about the whole picture, not only humans. Many people wrongly
    believe that our climate is exogenously determined by some random
    factors. However, if you look seriously into recent archaeological findings
    about the history of the current desert areas on earth, you will find out
    the horrible truth that most of these desert areas were originally
    overpopulated because of their abundant water supply and fertile soil.
    Overpopulation led to over-exploitation of land, killing of trees and
    shrubs for the creation of more farmland, degradation of land, sharp drop
    in ground level humidity because of lack of ground cover, fall in
    precipitation, drastic fluctuation of temperature, death of more plants and
    animals, … 

  12. Maybe it’s time to take these eco-friendly public administrators out to the
    park for a little public hummiliation or horse whipping to expose their
    blattant lack of concern for the desperate realities right in front of
    them……. Almond trees? Who gives a shit about a bunch of fucking almond
    trees when drinking water is in short supply??? There should be a State
    order to cut them down and pay the farmer $1/tree for their loss.

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