Custom 2015 HJJ 1000W e-bike. Shenzen China assembled in the US. part 3

Here’s a riding video of my e-bike for sale:
2014 custom electric bicycle:

No insurance needed, no driver’s license needed.

Great for folks who need transportation where the bus doesn’t go.

Two used 20 Amp-Hour Battery packs in parallel (5s2p) for a range of about 30 miles. Yes, that’s 40 AH total, not 20, not 12, double the battery pack for about the max weight you can carry on an e-bike without looking at motorcycle construction.

Includes display with a battery pack “gas gauge” showing state of charge. The batteries were tended with a trickle charger all winter long and run like they should

Motorcycle style seat with rear six pack rack. Those are new.

Independent rear suspension with shocks and a real swing arm like a motorcycle. Rides smoother.

60 Volt 1000 Watt motor with fold-able pedals on drive train. Includes safety fuses on power bus.
Front foot pegs allow you to cruise in style.

Top speed 25mph which is limited per Federal law. Yes, it can be made to go faster, but why break the law? For for a full 1000W unlimited controller can be ordered on Ebay and swapped out yourself.

Less than 50 miles on the entire assembly. I rode it only a few times, while I had bikes I assembled to test all last summer. The new frame was painted over to match the plastic, stored indoors to prevent rust and dirt. The handlebars and switches are new, mirrors are new. Harness was rewrapped and hot glued on the ends of connectors to prevent water intrusion and corrosion of connector pins in the wet weather we have here. I wouldn’t drive in no more than 6″ deep puddles.
Includes assembly and user guide manual written by yours truly.

Several plastic cracks from shipping damage repaired on battery box and front plastic. One slight scrape on left handle bar grip faux chrome plastic end cap.

Includes locking new front plastic cargo box to haul your 110V AC charger and whatever.
Includes rear fold-able cargo racks.
Includes alarm and key fob. Remote start. Standard wiring for motor at 3 phase power and 5 pin hall sensor wires. Includes wires for brake, cruise control, self learn phase angle, alarm, 3 pin throttle cable, and 3 pin speed selector cable.

16″ rims and tires are 3″ scooter front and rear solid Aluminium. Rated for 450 lb total. Brake shoes are slightly used tires are used at 50% tread.

Rear lights and turn signals are bright bulbs for visibility, not some weak array of generic LEDs which might confuse drivers out there.

Built by me, the former mechanic for a Ecomopeds. Do you think I would build my own junk and ride it unsafely?

I need to sell it for medical bills, that’s all.

0 Cash, local pickup only.
Similar models retailed from 00-00.

Can be upgraded with a 1000W controller for full speed without the speed limiter by adding your own controller from Ebay for about . But you do it on your own liability.
The previous few craigslist lurkers wanted a more powerful motor, so I installed one.
It’s still limited to 25 mph, but it climbs to that speed faster than before.
If you have read this far, then you are prepared for some real truth in advertising. I’m a former senior field service engineer for electronics and mechanical systems, and not a salesman.
This is the honest truth about e-bike sporting, you own it and will likely have to do the servicing/maintenance yourself or have me do it for half the rate of most shops charge at /hr. I charge much less than that and is a sliding scale based on physical difficulty due to my physical issues. Anything can be done if you want to invest the time, education, materials, and understanding.
I know of a few bike shops around PDX that are a bit snobby and don’t want to work on any brand other than their own. It’s likely they don’t know how to actually build and repair something and understand the Engineering behind it. They want to swap part #22 with #22 and call it done without testing or verification.
The owner of Ecomopeds in Vancouver, WA sold the business to a youth ministry in San Diego, parts are available there and on Ebay. China manufactures about 50 different kinds of electric bikes using 10-15 standardized parts at a production rate of 120,000 bikea a month in just one factory of dozens. The only custom part about this bike that is unique is the display panel which can be replaced with something similar from a 60VDC forklift battery gauge. The bike can run without the display if necessary, or I can fabricate one from a kit.

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  1. For the record those hills were climbed with all electric power. You can
    see in part 1, the chain was not even physically attached to the rear motor

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