Customer Testimonial: Crawl Space Sealing & Backup Sump Pump Installed in Upper Arlington, OH | 1-614-656-1622

David from Upper Arlington, OH, was concerned about the water intrusion and humidity problems in his home’s crawl space, and he called Ohio Basement Authority for help.

After inspecting the home, our inspector helped David shop for the perfect solutions to fix all the crawl space problems within his expectations and budget. David chose to have the crawl space encapsulated and dehumidified, and a battery-operated backup sump pump system installed.

In this video, David talks about his experience with the company and the results after installation. He is happy that he no longer needs to worry about water in the crawl space when he is out of town, even if there is a storm that knocks of the power.

“The overall air quality in our home for having the crawl space encapsulated, we were able to tell the difference a couple of days after the work was done. It was dramatic,” David said.