Drain Plane- Moisture Protection, Plane and Simple

Moisture protection, plane and simple.

Drain Plane, A Dry home is a safe home.

Water is essential to life, but it can also be a destructive force causing severe moisture damage and can diminish the value of your homes or commercial buildings and result in expensive repair costs, decrease in property value and can lead to illness or liability with a decline in poor air quality causing respiratory problems.

How well are homes and buildings really constructed to fully protect against water and moisture intrusion? Even with Water Resistive Barriers and siding, moisture still gets trapped between support walls and can cause mold and long term moisture damage! Fully protecting your home or building from water damage requires the right rain screen system that promotes proper drainage and airflow.

Drain plane offers both protection from, and a solution to moisture intrusion. Made from 100% recycled material Drain Plane easily installs and creates a cavity between the exterior support wall and the cladding or the most outside surface of a home or building. Drain Plane is a high density polyethylene furring strip that is installed vertically to create a cavity that allows for ventilation and moisture drainage.

The 6′ Drain-Plane strips install quickly and easily at the location of the studs of the exterior support wall. Drain-Plane helps mark studs for your cladding or siding products and are “compatible with” all components of exterior cladding including trim boards and soffits.

Drain-Plane product designs and it’s 100% recycled materials solve problems associated with other drainage plane products and typically costs 30-40% less than other drainage plane products and systems. Rolled mesh products have a tendency to compress or produce a “waving” effect and don’t work well with panel type claddings. Rolled products and multi-piece channel systems can be complicated, and very labor intensive to install. Other product installation methods call for furring out trim areas with a treated solid wood product which results in a sealed area without a breathable cavity at the trim. Drain Plane creates a fully breathable envelope that is susceptible to moisture and intrusion problems.

Drain Plane supports cladding products like, Lap Siding, Flat Panels, Steel, Panelized Cedar Siding and Shakes, Aluminum, Fiber Cement lap siding, flat panels, “shake panels”, Stone and more.

Drain Plane recognizes that eventually all types of cladding will allow some moisture to penetrate and needs drainage and airflow. Water resistant barriers shed most of the moisture and Drain Plane strips manages the rest, preventing moisture intrusion that protects your home or building.

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Drain Plane, A Dry home is a safe home.
moisture protection, plane and simple.