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Drainage Team | Drainage St. Louis | (636) 530-7663

Drainage Team of St Louis and Chesterfield Missouri offers rain water drainage solutions for commercial residential landscape water problems by installing downspout piping, french drains, drain grates, storm sewers.

Drainage Problems? We have solutions.

St Louis drainage solutions for rain water landscape drainage issues. Landscape water drainage issues are very common in many urbanized areas. Most home owners do not give this much consideration until a major drainage problem occurs. Drainage Team offers the St. Louis area complete landscape drainage solutions for rain water drainage issues that plague both commercial and residential markets. 85% of wet basements can be repaired from the exterior of a home through the utilization of PVC downspout piping. This is possible because PVC downspout piping will not collapse or clog.

Through the use of French Drains and/or surface drains, we can channel the rain water away from your structure or low lying area. Several different types of surface & subsurface drainage systems can be implemented to correct a wide array of water drainage problems. Once we know your drainage problem, we will provide a guaranteed drainage solution!

Our guaranteed exterior drainage solutions:

– Professional Consultation
– Surface / Subsurface Landscape Drainage
– French Drains
– Pond Edge Stabilization / Rock Pond Walls
– Surface Grate & Channel Drains
– Downspout Drainage Piping
– All Types of Landscape Erosion Control
– Complete Water Management

Indicators of landscape water drainage issues:

– Standing water 24 hours after a major rain
– Stagnant water smell
– Water intrusion through doors, basement, or garage

Effects of Landscape Water Drainage Issues:

– Loss of structural integrity to building or home
– Damaged or ruined interiors
– Plants, trees and grass may die
– Mosquitoes will reproduce in stagnant water
– Mold will grow on interior and exterior of structure
– Long-Term and Short-Term health risks
– Major, costly repairs

Drainage Team has the knowledge and resources to resolve any exterior rain water drainage issue. From installation of downspouts to designing complete landscape erosion control systems, we will resolve your landscape drainage issues and water problems. We have landscape drainage solutions for rainwater drainage issues. We specialize in storm water control projects on residential properties, apartment complexes, condominium complexes, neighborhood common grounds, retention / detention areas, commercial & industrial properties, municipal projects and athletic field drainage.

Please contact us today to arrange a professional consultation regarding your commercial or residential landscape water drainage project.

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