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Emergency Water Damage & Drying Restoration Service.
Serving Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Kenosha and Walworth Counties

Our Response Restoration Team knows that your home is often times your most valuable asset so our immediate response and rapid disaster resolution are paramount in times of emergency or accidental water damage.

By providing your family with a rapid response, our Emergency Response team may be able to significantly reduce the negative impact an emergency situation can have on your home and, more importantly, on your family.

Emergency Fire & Water Restoration Inc has the resources, experience, and technical expertise to respond rapidly to any type of residential or commercial disaster situation. We are thoroughly trained in all aspects of emergency water damage restoration and are supported by the latest technologies and equipment to control your emergency water damage.

Water Damage Restoration
You come in and find your home looks like a swimming pool and you are thrust into the water damage restoration process. You now find yourself in a position in which you need to assess the value as well as the importance of each and every item effected by the water damage. When the majority, if not all, of your belongings have been destroyed by such water damage, it may be emotionally difficult to determine which items you want to salvage.

You know that keeping water damaged things that are beyond repair or water damaged things that may not have any further use is impractical and will just cost you a lot of storage space and money but the personal value of family heirlooms is priceless. Still you should strive to be extremely practical throughout the water damage restoration process so as you will be able to quickly and effectively reorganize your life back to its pre-water damage normalcy.

We will provide a complete estimate, including photos, to the agent or adjuster within 24-48 hours.

We provide Insurance approved emergency estimates and repair scopes.

Our 24 hour services include the following:

*Water leaks, water drying, water damage

*Slab leak, flood response, emergency drying

*Mold removal, mold remediation, sewage backup

*Burst pipe, slow leak, water intrusion

*Crawl space cleaning, bio hazard, clean up

*Fire damage

*Smoke cleaning

*Odor removal

*Roof damage

*Roof leaks

Taking care of your Racine County property by our qualified and experienced staff and Restoration experts is our number 1 goal.

Our detailed service provide your insurance company with the information necessary to quickly facilitate claims, so that work may proceed to restore and reconstruct your property as smoothly as possible.

We provide 30+ years of combined experience serving in disasters large and small. We offer the full round table of service. From Restoration to Reconstruction to Remodel, all from our Central location.

Call us for the most responsive and experienced team, taking care of you and your families’ property from beginning to completion.

We Proudly Serve The Following Zip Codes In and Around Racine:

53711, 53103, 53405, 53104, 53590, 53045, 53108, 53140, 53141, 53142, 53589, 53018, 53105, 53122, 53405,02,03, 53158, 53209, 53177, 53168, 53188, 53105, 53181, 53051, 53182, 53171, 53149, 53185, 53170, 53150, 53185, 53151, 53185, 53066, 53402, 53072, 53126, 53089, 53188, 186, 53132, 53097, 53147, 53074, 53121, 53217, 53128, 53080, 53585, 53121, 53120, 54930 and 53115.

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