Exterior lathing for stucco decorative arches

Exterior lathing for stucco decorative arches

Howdy folks, here we show how to install lathing for exterior stucco decorative arches and walls.

Two-Ply Jumbo Tex is a member of the Jumbo Tex family – a product line that has set the industry standard for effectiveness and durability as a weather-resistive barrier behind all major exterior wall claddings, especially stucco. It has been chosen by builders and architects to protect over five million homes and commercial buildings from the problems caused by water intrusion and excessive moisture.

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Exterior lathing for stucco decorative arches

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  1. thanks Mr Kirk for that great tip on raping arches for water tie seal like
    they alway said you learn something every day and Im learning from the

  2. Hey Mr. Valazquez, I wouldn’t say I’m a master, but I will say if I do
    anything wrong it’s my moral obligation and responsibility to fix it on my
    own time for free. Have a groovy Thanksgiving Day! Kirk Giordano Plastering

  3. Hey dljones, I here it a cardinal sin to argue over a positive compliment.
    So thank you Mr. Jones and have a groovy Thanksgiving Day! Kirk Giordano

  4. Thank you very much for sharing your craft. I absolutely love watching you
    work on your videos. I’ve got some house repairs ahead, and it’s really
    encouraging when someone who loves what they do and is true to their art
    shares the know how. (I’ll squeak if it looks beyond me). But I’m going to
    do some practice panels with your videos on the bench beside me. Thank You
    Mr. Giordano! You really rock. C

  5. . Good evening Cheryl MacKenzie, your welcome, we love sharing the
    knowledge especially if it helps gals like yourself understand the way lath
    and plastering works. Thanks for watching and have a good evening. Kirk
    Giordano plastering

  6. Hello Kirk. I enjoy watching your videos. You’ve helped me out a lot. I
    recently finished constructing the arch in my front yard. However, I am
    having trouble trying to find the wire that goes under the arch on top of
    the black paper. The wire I am referring to is the one you are holding at
    11:25 in your video. I live in Los Angeles and I’ve been Home Depot and a
    contractor’s warehouse and can’t find it. Can you let me know what the
    actual name of the piece of metal is called and where I can buy it. Thank
    you in advance.

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