FRP Rehabilitation of Low Pressure Pipeline

A major pipeline in Costa Rica was suffering from a 20% loss of its flow due to longitudinal cracking. Previous repair attempts had failed to patch the pipeline; however, QuakeWrap successfully repaired the pipeline with FRP. Check out some of the important facts of this project below!

-Largest FRP penstock rehabilitation in the world completed in a single phase.

-Liner installation rate of 10,000 sq.ft. a day by four installation fronts working 8 hour daily shifts allowed for more than 150,000 sq.ft. of liner to be installed in 15 days.

-Liner designed to maximize water tightness and to provide additional hoop and longitudinal structural strength to account for on going corrosion damage due to seepage water intrusion through exterior surface cracks, increasing the useful life of the pipeline.

-Liner will require no maintenance.

-Total shutdown period for pipeline was 3 weeks, which is within the typical period allocated for programmed maintenance shutdowns in US power plants.

-Pipeline successfully re-pressurized in July 2009 and is now in full service.