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Both Layne and Judy Gebers, owners of Frontier Basement Systems, are back with another episode of the HomePro video series, this time to talk about crawl spaces. In this episode, the Gebers discuss a very common problem among homeowners with houses that sit on top of dirt-floored and vented crawl spaces: foul odors.

In Tennessee, vented crawl spaces are notorious for making the whole house smell bad, especially during those warm and humid summer months. The odor problems may stem from a number of reasons, and all of them have to do with the fact that the crawl space is open. Vented and open crawl spaces are vulnerable to all sorts of intrusion that can wreak havoc under your home, including: water and air moisture intrusion, and occasionally unwanted guests, such as local wild life, strays and pests.

Layne further explains that crawl space odors come from various sources, where odors can come from a critter or pest living (or dying) under your home, but most of the time it is just water and moisture getting under the house and creating a breeding ground for mold and bacteria to grow. Some types of insulation commonly used to insulate between the floor joists, for example, tend to release a foul smell in contact with moisture.

The air inside a building always moves upwards. As air rises, it escapes through the roof, and as a result, the air from outside the home is sucked into the living area from the crawl space. If the crawl space is wet and moldy, all of the filthy air and foul odors in the space will consistently infiltrate the living areas of the building.

This video explains just what to expect from Frontier Basement Systems during a thorough crawl space inspection and what are some of the methods we use to make crawl spaces dry and healthy. Our crawl space encapsulation system eliminates odors, protects your property against structural decay, improves the comfort of the home, and saves you a bundle in heating and cooling bills!

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