Horrible Forklift Accident: Intrusion Into Operator Compartment

A significant hazard related to the use of stand-up lift trucks, or stand-up forklifts, is the hazard of a lower limb crush injury or foot crush due to the opening across the rear of the operator compartment. According to one lift truck manufacturer’s statistics, there have been over 500 accidents that resulted in an injury to the lower limb of the operator in the last 30 years that involved their stand-up lift trucks. [1] Other manufacturers have had similar accidents. The injuries have occurred to the lower limb of the operator due to the close proximity of the operator’s lower limbs to the exterior of the lift truck, and the confined areas that stand-up lift trucks operate in. The operator’s lower limb can become pinned and crushed between the moving lift and another fixed object such as a rack system, a column or another lift truck. Objects, such as a fork tine, can also intrude into the operator compartment, injuring the operator’s lower extremities.