Horror Skeleton Funeral in Pool of Blood

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The cinema of terror is a film genre that is characterized by its willingness to provoke in the viewer feelings of dread, terror, fear, disgust, disgust, horror, discomfort or concern. Their arguments often develop the sudden intrusion into an area of normality of some force, event or character of evil nature, origin often criminal or supernatural. The horror is a genre rigidly codified by the industry and which in turn has many subgenres, each governed by its own rules, and subject to very specific rules that are rarely interchangeable between subgenres.

This has led to think on multiple occasions that the horror genre, not because they have run out of original ideas for the production of new horror films, but the producers have found it more convenient to search their archives to unearth movies they were successful in their time for a teen audience that still stands today.

Similarly opinion is the famous American horror writer Stephen King, who, in his long study Dance Macabre, said: “For what reason will be removed from nothing horrible things, when both real horror in the world? The answer seems to be invented horrors to help deal with the real. Drawing on the portentous human imagination, we cling to those same elements introduced discord and destruction, to turn them into tools to dismantle themselves.

A horror story would, therefore, not a literary and oral story because, although there is a large and ancient tradition of tales with such content, probably because they are stories passed from mouth to mouth, have never received other name of tales or legends to dry. Yes, strictly speaking, we must consider the horror story as a literary narrative, the broader definition mistaken, however, in many cases the horror story (rather scary tale ) with the simple tale traditional, traditional in the ancestral sense.

Apart from the traditional sources nurtured culture and history of peoples, literary horror tale about deal and reflect these more personal ghosts that haunt us and overwhelm through nightmares. A horror story does not, in fact, rather than an attempt to recreate purposes cathartic. All horror story, finally, as has been said, is a little treatise on the Poor in any of its infinite faces and forms, so in principle should ignore all other considerations, moral or material, when address execution or reading.

The ghost story or ghost story, is any work of fiction or drama within the horror genre, which incorporates a ghost, or simply takes as its premise the possibility of its existence, or the belief of the characters. Another requirement, in my opinion, is that the ghost must be malicious or hateful: the friendly and helpful apparitions are well on fairy tales or local legends, but for me are useless in a ghostly fiction.

The simplest skeleton form that appears especially at different invertebrates, as the worms are referred to, is the Hydrostatic skeleton, wherein the outer skin muscle, such as a hose compresses the water inside the body. Since water hardly compressible (ie can not be squeezing), the body seems relatively stable. The skeleton of vertebrates are many similarities watchable, though it differs depending on the habitat requirements and, in some cases substantially. With these similarities and differences dealt the Comparative Anatomy.

Because of the similarities in the function of blood is similar in all vertebrates. Existing differences between human and animal blood is noted in the article. To differences in structure and function of cellular components of the blood is referred to the article in question. The vascular system of the adult human body contains about 70 to 80 ml ​​of blood per kg body weight, equivalent to about 5 to 6 liters of blood. On average, men have about 1 liter more blood than women, which is mainly due to size and weight differences.

Chemical-physical perspective Blood is a suspension, ie a mixture of liquid water and cellular components. It is a non-Newtonian fluid is. This is due to its special flow properties. Blood is due to the contained erythrocytes to plasma a higher viscosity. The higher the hematocrit value and the lower the flow rate, the more the viscosity increases. Due to the deformability of the red blood cells themselves behave in increasing blood flow velocity is no longer as a cell suspension, but rather as an emulsion.

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