How mice enter homes

How mice enter homes. One upon a time, a nice lady bought a new condominium. Soon after she moved in, she started seeing mouse droppings. During the next two years she called three different pest companies to eradicate and rid her home of these vermin. These companies failed because the only thing these pest companies did, was set traps and poison. They knew they were killing a few mice, because they saw dead mice in traps and green poison in their droppings. These companies should have known that one mouse can produce 10 litters with 10 mice in each litter per year. Additionally, the offspring baby mice can produce their own litter after being only two months old. Finally, after two years of unsuccessful mouse killing, poisoning, and hunting, the nice lady hired a residential investigator. When the instigator arrived, he counted over 50 mouse traps. The nice lady had traps on floors, had traps on stairs, had traps in joists, had traps in the garage, and even lined up 10 traps that reseeded a gauntlet. She had traps everywhere. The investigator told her that if you want to catch a mouse, you need to think like a mouse. He found out that her condominium complex was located near a restaurant that used several garbage dumpsters. Furthermore, the complex was located on top of a rocky hill that overlook this restaurant. The mice forged, ate and socialized at the garbage dumpsters all day long. On Mondays the dumpsters were emptied. This process created ground vibrations and loud noises that spooked the mice out of their rocky homes. . These scared little guys ran up he hill and they ran along the exterior building walls. All the condominium units had forced air furnaces that were located in the basements. The furnace cold air return ducts were not sealed because builders never seal them. These condition caused basement negative pressure. When the furnaces were on, the basement sucked air through the small exterior basement wall penetration, at the AC suction lines, gas lines and electric lines. The spooked and noise scared mice along with their sensitive air seeking whiskers were attracted by these very small slight air currents. The mice followed these small infiltrating air currents right into the small wall penetrations that lead them into the heated, food filled condominium mouse castle where they ran around and reproduced. Eventually thee condominium associaiation put poison on the rocky hill, sealed up all the exterior small foundation penetrations, sealed up the basement cold air return duct work and balanced the HVAC systems. The mouse problem went away. The end. This has been short stories by Marko Vovk from, Email
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How mice enter homes

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  1. They can be very pesky and destructive. Very unhealthy. They must stay
    outside. My neighbors here in France do one thing correctly — when there
    is any kind of vermin problem, we post the information in the hallways and
    coordinate with the gardien to deal with it immediately. I worked in NYC
    high rise office bldgs where the computers attracted mice, 50 stories up!
    That was whack. Good video, uprated.

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