How-to Waterproof the E-Flite Apprentice S 15e with Floats and Test Flight

After substantial flight hours on my E-Flite Apprentice S 15e with AS3X and SAFE, I took action against a repeat problem of water intrusion into my control electronics.

A few days earlier, I had a near, catastrophic failure of flight control while flying over Benton Lake. During the taxi into shore, the servo failure changed from intermittent, to total failure. The stock design of the Apprentice S provides poor protection of the electronics from the natural water splash created from the factory built float usage.

My first goal was to restore the electronics to functional operation which happened as soon as the electronics were dried. My second goal was to keep them dry by adding some water resistance to the two servo motors. My third goal was to prevent water from showering my electronics to begin with.

In this video, I display my final result of multiple barriers that radically reduce the water exposure of the Apprentice S electronics while still providing adequate ventilation to electronics and battery. I wrap-up my video with a demonstration of the effectiveness of my work while also demonstrating the unaffected flying characteristics after the changes.

After highly recommending this aircraft as a “float-plane”, I highly recommend performing similar modifications to all Apprentice models used on water. I believe that this is how these aircraft should have been factory delivered to maintain a “safe” flying aircraft that was marketed for water use.

Please browse my other videos on my Apprentice S play lists for my other modifications and recommendations.

SAFE flying!


Aerial Videos from my Apprentice S:

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FPV night flight with my Apprentice S 15e (live feed view):

10 thoughts on “How-to Waterproof the E-Flite Apprentice S 15e with Floats and Test Flight”

  1. Nice Job !!! We also use a product called Corrosion X on ESC’s and servos
    that may come in contact with water on all of our float planes ..

  2. Great video! I have been flying the PZ ICON A5 from water and it works
    nicely for touch and goes. I also have the PBY Catalina (not as nice on
    the water!) and before that the Super Cub on floats. Nosed in the Super
    Cub once and the ESC burned. Corrosion X has definitely worked wonders on
    my boats but the ICON is so dry – and the ESC and Rx so well positioned –
    that I have not applied it to them (but the rudder servo in the belly
    really needed it after the first few flights when water did somehow work
    its way into the fuselage.

    I have the Apprentice S15e and really like it overall. It is fun in expert
    mode and glides so well and touches down so perfectly. I have been
    considering a set of floats but no purchase has been made just yet…..

  3. Great videos. I’m new with rc planes and the apprentice is my first. I did
    buy the floats and watched your videos on the waterproofing and rudder
    controls. Just don’t have the tech savy to do those. You should create a
    “shop” to offer those services at a cost or fee 

  4. Great video, I really appreciate you explaining with all details and
    explanations! Awesome.

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