Kut Kwick – Brush Master BM83-88D


Features of the BrushMaster®:
Model No. BM83-88D

-Cut: 88″ cut, hydro-static, rear discharge, out-front rotary

-Cutter Type: Rotary – 19″ x 7″ puncture proof casters support the cutter deck from the front of the machine

-Cutter Assembly: 1/4″ thick steel cutting deck

-Cutting Height: 4″ to 10″ height adjustment

-Blades: Three (3) 3/8″ thick flat blades, with 1 1/2 diameter shafts

-Engine: 83HP Yanmar Turbo-Charged diesel engine, water cooled

-Slope: Slope mowing to 0° to 32°, designed and tested. Has a low center of gravity for safety on slopes

-Steering: Self propelled skid steered through twin, closed loop hydraulic drive systems

-Maneuverability: True “zero turn radius” (ZTR)

-Tires: 44″ x 18-16″, 8 ply rated tires, dual drive wheels on each side of the rear of the machine (2 sets of two wheels)

-Seating: Operator is seated at the rear extremity of machine for safety

-ROPS: Four point certified Roll Over Protection System (ROPS) with retractable seat belt

-Hydraulics: Independently powered hydraulic skid steer wheel drives with hydraulic pumps and motors, and hydraulically driven cutter deck

-Oil Reservoir: 52 gallon hydraulic oil reservoir, oil/air separator, to prevent foaming, overheating, and water intrusion from condensation

-Diesel Fuel Tanks: 28 gallon; dual diesel fuel tanks on the front of the machine, away from the operator, designed to operate on steep slopes