Lara Croft Ryona リョナ The First Encounter Rise Of The Tomb Raider

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Lara Croft is a renowned heroine who has surpassed larger-than-life challenges. She has earned a countless amount of treasures from various regions and has even acquired supernatural powers from the ancients.

On her trip back to her estate in London, she senses an intrusion in her mother’s apartment complex. As a daughter who has inherited a keen protective trait, she takes the liberty of entering the complex to investigate the disturbance. At first, the living space appears to be vacant with the only suspicious detail being a tampered window on a stormy night. She shuts it down to prevent the water from damaging the furniture and proceeds toward her mother’s research station. All is calm until she perceives footsteps riding up the stairs. Lara takes precautionary measures as she grabs a nearby hook in preparation of repelling a potential threat that may enter though the door. Silence envelopes her as the door slowly creaks open; she becomes anxious to see who she is going to encounter. Before she could see her opponent, her vision blanks out and a sudden flash of light blinks right in front of her. She soon finds herself laying on the floor and breathing heavily. Lara is no longer remaining in the same room.

At her mansion, she continues her research in an attempt to discover a long-lost city that houses the secret to immortality. She passionately concentrates on her work to connect the pieces and link together the evidence presented in front of her. Her focus shifts away from her laptop when a noise occurs near the entrance to the room. She wears a worried look on her face in anticipation of who might step into her estate. Her anticipation of the unknown stirs her into a state of anger since she allows a petty sound to distract her from her important duty. She embraces her father’s journal in grief as she wonders if she will ever accomplish what he set out to do when she was still a child.

She is on the brink of tears until her survival instincts activate when an unknown trespasser intrudes on her property. Instinctively, she reaches out for a nearby lamp and strikes it across the intruder’s face; she also successfully disarms her foe with the hardcover book. She starts the fight with the momentum on her side, but the assailant slowly gains the upper hand when he knocks her off balance. She tumbles with her back to the floor. With her opponent momentarily staggered, she hastily rushes for a chair to knock out the assailant. He guards against her strike and lands a forceful blow on her cheek to knock her back onto the ground once more. The tide has shifted in the favor of the attacker, and Lara desperately crawls for the handgun to conclude the fight. Before she could seize it, her opponent grabs her by the leg and drags her across the floor to prolong the duel. She quickly retaliates with a kick and continues to make her way for the weapon. Once again, she is stopped short as the menace tightly squeezes her legs and pulls her in the opposite direction. Lara, now in a state of panic, desperately kicks away the assailant, but her efforts become futile when she is seized by the neck and is slammed down as she is being choked. The assailant dominates her by strangling her while she is on the ground helpless to fight back in her suppressed state. She begins to lose her grasp on consciousness since she is deprived of fresh air as her eyes begin to roll to the back of her head.

She is on the verge of fainting until her friend enters the room only to discover her body struggling to escape from the clutches of the assailant. Her survival instincts kick in again when she successfully breaks free from the grasp after swinging another lamp to land a blow on the head of the assailant. With her opponent disoriented, she grabs the handgun and demands back the book. With the impeccable timing of her friend, she emerges as the victor.

She imagines how much worse the fight would have been if the assailant’s sole purpose of invading her home was to attack her in pursuit of pleasure. Either way, she is confident that she will make it out of the peril as she has done so in her past adventures within the various tombs across the globe.

In the end, it is all a recollection of events. She wakes up and is greeted by a scenery of white snow and snowfall below the darkened sky.