Moistop sealant and liquid flashing caulking, how to use and why

Howdy guys and gals, kirk here, your favorite exterior rendering and plastering professional with some tips as your Basic guide to water proofing pre existing concrete steps, weather you removed the stucco, or wood siding.

FYI, Although I didn’t show it an extra tip would be to fill the void between the concrete and the metal with the same caulking as this Moistop can also be used as an expansion joint.

I would say there are many ways to weather proof behind the steps this way is just one.
its always best to have the existing metal flashing in place when whatever cladding is removed, but for those who don’t have this luxury, here is an alternative.

FYI, anytime your working with metal flashing and counter flashings meets, a great caulking is always preferred and a bit of time in to understand what is compatible and what does and does not work.

Tip, make certain you hire the right plastering and or rendering plaster company in your area.

Take it from me Caulking and metal flashings material knowledge is 70% of being a well rounded Rendering plastering contractor, the other 30% is applications, usually if a company can spread one sand and cement render material they most likely can spread all cement renders materials, the same applies to available caulkings understanding of what these different caulking can do is up to your contractors experience mixed with bit of attentiveness to understand what each caulking is engineered for, thus the beginning of caulking wisdom.

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Moistop sealant and liquid flashing caulking
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Moistop Sealant and Liquid Flashing

The primary cause of water intrusion is the lack of properly integrated flashing around windows, doors and other fenestrations.
Durable Liquid Applied Flashing
Used as a liquid flashing system, Moistop Sealant and Liquid Flashing provides gap-free protection to rough and irregular surfaces. It is particularly useful when applying flashing to curved intrusions like vents and plumbing, and is highly effective with masonry window and door installations. Where specified as a liquid applied flashing, the product exceeds AAMA 714 standards. And even though Moistop is tough enough to repair torn vapor barriers, it is smooth enough to take paint in visible application areas.

Moistop Sealant and Liquid Flashing is an advanced polymer designed to be compatible with virtually all building materials. Moistop delivers excellent adhesion, compatibility, durability and moisture resistance to prevent door and window water leaks, and the expensive callbacks they cause.

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