Moisture Control – Techniques to Prevent Mold

When it comes to mold, moisture is not our friend! In fact, water is the main cause of mold growth, so it’s very important to prevent moisture intrusion in your home. For more mold prevention tips, visit

Steam, water, condensation, ice, snow and humidity are all types of moisture. So let me give you 10 quick tips to control moisture:

10. Use vapour barriers
9. Seal foundation cracks promptly
8. Get an infrared inspection to check for leaky plumbing
7. Use a room dehumidifier in rooms that are prone to high humidity, like basements
6. Make sure the ground around your home is sloping downward, directing water away from your home
5. Clean up blocked gutters and drains
4. Make sure you have a properly functioning ventilation system
3. Use exhaust fans
2. Keep the relative humidity inside your home between 30-50%.
and finally, number 1, when you find a mold problem, contact the professionals at mold busters!
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