Mold Inspection & Testing Cedar Park TX

MI&T offers its unbiased mold inspection and testing services to all of Cedar Park TX and surrounding areas, give us a call at 512-222-5565. If you are concerned about indoor mold growth causing a problem with your indoor air quality, we can help you figure out exactly what is going on and what does or does not need to be done. Since 2009, the experts at MI&T have been operating without a conflict of interest. We have established ourselves as the premier ‘test only’ mold company in the nation. We serve over 50 major metropolitan areas, offering unbiased assessments about whether or not mold is a problem. Choosing a company separate from the restoration process is important because you avoid the possibility of your inspector looking to pitch unnecessary work in an effort to make more money. Our inspection starts off with 2 air samples. The first is taken from outside and serves as a control, this sets baseline numbers for what is normal and acceptable in the area. It is then compared to an inside air sample which is taken near the area of greatest concern. You also get a complete visual inspection where we identify water intrusion, excess moisture, or visible mold growth. If problem areas exist, we may recommend additional samples (air or surface) to help confirm the source of the problem or see how far a problem has spread. These are optional but our inspector will let you know how they might be beneficial. Clients that do have elevated conditions will receive a detailed report for how to fix the problems at no additional cost.

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