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Galvanic Corrosion and Stray Current Corrosion

Galvanic Corrosion
Corrosion resulting from electric current flow between dissimilar metals (or
dissimilar surfaces on one metal) in contact with the same electrolyte.
This is the same natural phenomenon that we see every day in flashlight and
automotive batteries.

Stray Current Corrosion
Similar to galvanic corrosion in that the more active metal areas lose material, but
the sacrifice is caused by an outside source rather than spontaneously.
The source may be the boats DC or AC system, the docks AC system, or other
boats on the dock or nearby.
The electrical system of your boat is its lifeline. Every system on the boat depends on it, including the engine, yet it is often neglected or its importance is underestimated. You need reliable gauges and wiring to monitor engine operating status and other vital information. Since your wiring is the only link between your gauges and engine, faulty wiring could cost you a lot more than just an afternoon and a spool of wiring.
Your boats electrical system is responsible for monitoring engine function, delivering proper signals and inputs to the engine, and powering onboard accessories. Although average marine electrical systems tend to be much less complex than automotive systems, they must endure significantly more harsh environments.
Moisture, corrosion, extreme vibrations, and temperature extremes are the norm for the electrical system of your boat. For this reason, there are specific products and rigging techniques that should be used to allow your boats electrical system to remain reliable and safe for many years. If you just purchased a used boat, it might be a good idea to thoroughly inspect its wiring. A complete wiring project can be accomplished in one weekend on most boats, and the materials are not expensive.

Nine out of ten times a bad connection will prove the root cause of any electrical gremlin you might discover in the DC equipment aboard your boat. Vibration, severe jolts from running hard in substantial seas, and corrosion induced by salt air or water intrusion can all lead to the failure of poorly constructed connections in your electrical wiring. To keep things humming for the long-term, its imperative you make those connections using the best materials and techniques available.
We offer complete high quality electronic installations on all marine equipment. “Don’t be
fooled” all electronic installations are not equal!! Such as, proper water tight cable feed
troughs, and fuse block terminations. You can rest assured that after our installation, water
won’t be playing havoc on your wiring, connectors, or connections, and you will be enjoying
trouble free operations of your electronics, for years, not just for a season.


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