New Well Tests

The North Carolina Department of Environmental and Natural Resources is trying to locate homeowners who may be operating and using well water near the old Square D manufacturing plant in Asheville. The plant location is part of the state’s inactive hazardous waste site list. Environmental officials are worried that some residents living near the hazardous site may still be on well water and putting their health at risk by drinking potentially contaminated water. Surveys and tests are now underway on well samples and soil vapor intrusion tests on the property that’s now used by other companies. The site is know to be contaminated with TCE or trichloroethylene, a volative organic compound that was used in solvents during manufacturing processes. The Square D plant made electronic switches and other components. But a former employee and longtime resident tells News 13 Square D was very careful during it’s manufacturing to avoid any polluting. Ronnie Austin says the site was also used for manufacturing silverware for dining before Square-D moved to the property in the 1960’s. By Frank FraboniRelated LinksBuncombe Schools Contamination UPDATE: Buncombe School Contamination Concerns Tests Show No Contamination at Buncombe County School