No more water pooling in the crawl space of his Marietta, GA home | Customer Testimonial | 770-419-9111

Lee H.’s home in Marietta, GA had serious water intrusion problems in the crawl space. There were always puddles of standing water all over the crawl space floor, which lead to mold and many other moisture related problems.
Lee had a couple of different companies come and take a look at the problem and AquaGuard Foundation Solutions was the company he decided to trust with solving the problem.
He was very impressed with Aquaguard’s great reputation and reviews. Having plans to list the house for sale, he was specially pleased with the Transferable Lifetime Warranty offered by Aquaguard, that will also cover the next owner, so the fixed crawl space became an asset to the property.
Yet it was the explanation given by our system design specialist after a thorough inspection that made him comfortable with hiring the company.
According to Lee. the installation process was flawless and he is very pleased with the quality of the work and the results.
“My experience with Aquaguard was excellent. I would highly recommend their services.”