Paint Peeling

Paint peeling. Paint peeling off walls,
Moisture Causes Paint To Peel Peal
Exterior paint blisters, peeling, and cracking paint that occur on older homes may be the cause of high indoor humidity. High indoor humidity is caused by indoor moisture generators such as a running furnace humidifier, a ventless heater, a dirt crawl space, a leaking dryer vent, a bathroom fan not properly exhausting, and much more. When the homes indoor humidity is higher than the exterior humidity, and grains of water travel through the walls to the exterior through a veichal called vapor diffusion. Older houses have many layers of paint that act like a plastic vapor barrier that does not let the house breath. In the winter, it is colder and dew point temperature is reached on the backside of the many layers of paint. Condensation occurs and water starts to accumulate like a water balloon until it pops.

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Moisture Causes Paint To Peel Peal

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  1. hi Marco. I had some issues with ice dams this winter that seem to have
    created the same effect on my exterior.

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