Pets Asthma Allergies

Pets Asthma Allergies Pets in our homes can make us sick, ill, cough, sneeze, and not healthy. Dogs, cats, birds, gerbils, mice, fish, snakes, chaw was, ferrets, monkeys, snakes lizards all contribute to indoor air problems, poor IAQ, odors, airborne particulate house pollution, odor and unsanitary conditions. People with asthma, allergies, disease, transplants, or other sickness can possibly have their symptoms aggravated by letting pets, animals, wildfire, fish and reptiles live, fly, and run around in their homes. Additionally, homes with water events, dampness, leaks, floods, overflow, back-ups, high humidity, moisture intrusion, water inflation have amplified house problems that cause mold, dust, dust mites, mites, bacteria, fungi, and mildew.
Pets Asthma Allergies

25 thoughts on “Pets Asthma Allergies”

  1. Some humans are allergic from other humans, some animals are allergic from
    humans, some humans are allergic from animals.

  2. and also what the heck was with all the dogs outside, I dont understand why
    there were so many dogs outside

  3. Summing up video. Pointless stuff is in the air and is no problem to
    anybody or anything.BTW what happen to dog houses is where i live CYOTES
    KILL 5-20 dogs per year in neighborhood.and because people dont want to pay
    for a fence and deal with restrictions of the fence,it would be safer(for
    pet) cheaper and just plain simpler to just keep them inside.

  4. This video is excellent for parents to understand the concept of having a
    pet and understand parents are the ones to be blamed for their asthmatic
    children , not the pets. I was an asthmatic child and adult and only cured
    totatly myself after I gave up on my cats and dogs. The ultimate treatment
    for asthma is a course of injections, but eventually the sickness comes
    back if the animal is present in your home. Dr’s orders “No more cats and
    dogs for you! How about a turtle?”

  5. People can get all thouse parasites even without pets.Simply by not
    cleaning or bathing.Also there are cases of people dying becouse their
    household was overclean and they didn’t had proper imune system.

  6. If you buy an animal, then you take responsibility, so your video is a
    pointless pile of fucking shit, also your clearly a clean freak retard that
    wouldn’t make it in life without your house.

  7. you can clean after pets then its ok, allegies can lessen if you have pets.
    we humans have always lived among animals, so have adapted to parasites,
    but if your weak you should be more careful, thanks all for sharing
    knowledge xx

  8. i am an asthama paitient and its been a week since i bought a pair of
    guinea pigs i dont fucking care if i am alergic to them or not i am still
    scared but i know i can find a way i am not an animal lover but they are
    here to give me company and i care abt them a silly allergy cant stop me
    STFU Biatch

  9. I have to agree with you on some of this. You should write a book on how
    people should have pets safely and allergy free. I bet you sell a lot of

  10. I have a lot of pets. Pets are great for everyone. They are actually great
    for old people to get to keep them company. I DO NOT AGREE WITH THIS VIDEO.
    It’s just if you have a pet, you just have to keep you animals and house

  11. Pets shouldn’t be outside, that would spread shit all over the property ?
    So the solution is keep them inside ? Great, then the shit will be spread
    over the inside of the house, where you live ?

  12. what a smart ass you are, must really frickin hate em. read a story about a
    dogs loyalty, then compare it to a human.

  13. Oh, and Noah didnt kick them out, God led them out just like he let them
    in. You are simply a big ball of bacteria as well.

  14. It’s obvious that you don’t know squat about cats if you say they are
    worthless. I have cats, a dog, rats and gerbils. My home is cleaner than
    most people that don’t even have one pet. Your two cents are worth nothing.
    Family and friends aren’t loyal like a dog. Go ahead and take in a homeless
    person. And he will turn around and bite you. Humans suck!

  15. WOW, When I was younger I went to bars to pick up chicks, I did not go to
    the kennel. LOL — just joking, don’t get mad. You are right about many
    “Humans SUCK” the gov, the CIA, FBI, Congress, Lawyers, New World Order,
    most of MSNBC, most of FOX, most of CNN, Al NotSoSharpmen, Ed I see nothing
    Schultz, OZZoma, Hillary the gunToBadPeople Giver, Drone mission people,
    and this list goes on. Your right Many Humans Suck.

  16. Great video.Pets belong OUTSIDE. this is just a fact. Along with allergies
    they bring in bird mite infestations which are a million times worse than
    dust mites.

  17. I agree with this video son is severly allergic to cats and I’m
    currently having to live in a house with a cat and my grandpa don’t care!

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