Pyle PSR14 Splash-Proof Water

There aren’t too many bells and whistles on the but it’s a good basic AM/FM clock radio that’s ideal for damp conditions as well as in the shower. For the I hung it over the handheld showerhead support and played the I took my The was protected from direct spray, it got wet the splashing. The didn’t appear to affect and afterwards, I shook the off the and wiped it dry with a towel. The an IPX4 rating, which means against spraying or (International Protection Marking codes, also known as classify and rate the degree of provided the intrusion of dust and by mechanical casings and electrical enclosures. The for range 0 to 9.)

The analog tuning, no presets, and no weather just it brought in AM and FM stations pretty with more than enough volume to be heard the noise, and decent clarity for voice and music, especially with FM At maximum though, was a noticeable amount of distortion. In our area, are dozens of The little a fairly nice job of pulling in and separating them without too much bleed-over, for an tuner.

The LCD display with is a handy feature, although the is recessed about a quarter-inch, and backlighting, it can be difficult to read in dim Note that when the is in use, the shows the frequency, the time. a period of several days, the kept the very accurately.

It’s a big At approximately 5″x4″x3″ and weighing 11 ounces (with batteries), it would be convenient to carry hiking or camping or outdoor activity, and rain or humid shouldn’t bother The ability to the audio a phone or tablet through the radio’s auxiliary is a helpful plus.

The bottom line: The is a choice for activities, if is in the forecast. a for need an inexpensive, And of course, there’s the shower.

The was to me for evaluation and review. I agree to post a I stated that if I the it be an honest, unbiased

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