Rainscreens: 5 Things You Need To Know to Protect your Walls

What is a Rainscreen? How does a Rainscreen prevent moisture problems? Do you need a rainscreen? Take 2 minutes to learn about rainscreens and how they can prevent stucco & other moisture problems. Keep learning at https://www.MTIdry.com/rainscreen-101


In a typical rainscreen system the exterior deflects most of the moisture. A gap of at least 1/8″ behind the exterior allows any moisture that penetrated the rainscreen to drain out of the wall. Behind the drainage gap and on top of the sheathing the weather resistive barrier protects against moisture intrusion into the wall system.

Why not just use a weather resistive barrier (WRB)? Without the rainscreen drainage gap you don’t have a rainscreen system. Without the gap capillary action can hold moisture against the WRB, and find its way into imperfections and penetrations in the WRB, including at fasteners. Once water gets behind the WRB it has few opportunities to get out, and creates an environment that promotes mold and rot on the wall assembly. Using a rainscreen drainage product such as Sure Cavity ensures that there is a drainage and ventilation gap so that liquid water can drain out of the wall, preventing moisture related damage.

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